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  1. Photo of Gabriele Salvatores

    Gabriele Salvatores Director

  2. Photo of Francesca Marciano

    Francesca Marciano Screenplay

  3. Photo of Alessandro Vivarelli

    Alessandro Vivarelli Screenplay

  4. Photo of Paolo Virzì

    Paolo Virzì Screenplay

  5. Photo of Diego Abatantuono

    Diego Abatantuono Cast

  6. Photo of Fabrizio Bentivoglio

    Fabrizio Bentivoglio Cast and Screenplay

  7. Photo of Laura Morante

    Laura Morante Cast

  8. Photo of Ugo Conti

    Ugo Conti Cast

  9. Photo of Eva Vanicek

    Eva Vanicek Cast

  10. Photo of Claudio Bisio

    Claudio Bisio Cast

  11. Photo of Piero Vivarelli

    Piero Vivarelli Cast

  12. Photo of Giovanni Bosich

    Giovanni Bosich Cast

  13. Photo of Isabella Perricone

    Isabella Perricone Cast

  14. Photo of Nini Salerno

    Nini Salerno Cast

  15. Photo of Luigi Montini

    Luigi Montini Cast

  16. Photo of Barbara Scoppa

    Barbara Scoppa Cast

  17. Photo of Italo Petriccione

    Italo Petriccione Cinematography

  18. Photo of Roberto Ciotti

    Roberto Ciotti Music

  19. Photo of Marco Dentici

    Marco Dentici Production Design

  20. Photo of Gianni Minervini

    Gianni Minervini Producer

  21. Photo of Vittorio Cecchi Gori

    Vittorio Cecchi Gori Producer

  22. Photo of Nino Baragli

    Nino Baragli Editing