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  1. Photo of Roy Burdine

    Roy Burdine Director

  2. Photo of Lloyd Goldfine

    Lloyd Goldfine Director and Producer

  3. Photo of Gary Richardson

    Gary Richardson Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Alfred Kahn

    Alfred Kahn Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Norman J. Grossfeld

    Norman J. Grossfeld Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Frederick U. Fierst

    Frederick U. Fierst Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Sarah C. Nesbitt

    Sarah C. Nesbitt Producer

  8. Photo of Robert David

    Robert David Screenplay

  9. Photo of Matthew Drdek

    Matthew Drdek Screenplay

  10. Photo of Lloyd Goldine

    Lloyd Goldine Screenplay

  11. Photo of Peter Laird

    Peter Laird Screenplay and Cast

  12. Photo of Michael Sinterniklaas

    Michael Sinterniklaas Cast

  13. Photo of Wayne Grayson

    Wayne Grayson Cast

  14. Photo of Sam Riegel

    Sam Riegel Cast

  15. Photo of Gregory Abbey

    Gregory Abbey Cast

  16. Photo of Darren Dunstan

    Darren Dunstan Cast

  17. Photo of Marc Thompson

    Marc Thompson Cast

  18. Photo of Veronica Taylor

    Veronica Taylor Cast

  19. Photo of Scottie Ray

    Scottie Ray Cast

  20. Photo of Greg Carey

    Greg Carey Cast

  21. Photo of Karen Neil

    Karen Neil Cast

  22. Photo of Dan Green

    Dan Green Cast

  23. Photo of Johnny Castro

    Johnny Castro Cast

  24. Photo of Anthony Saleron

    Anthony Saleron Cast

  25. Photo of Sebastian Arcelus

    Sebastian Arcelus Cast

  26. Photo of David Wills

    David Wills Cast

  27. Photo of Rebecca Soler

    Rebecca Soler Cast

  28. Photo of Load Williams

    Load Williams Cast

  29. Photo of Bradford Cameron

    Bradford Cameron Cast

  30. Photo of Jason Griffith

    Jason Griffith Cast

  31. Photo of Pete Capella

    Pete Capella Cast

  32. Photo of Sean Schemmel

    Sean Schemmel Cast

  33. Photo of Kevin Eastman

    Kevin Eastman Cast and Screenplay

  34. Photo of Richard Kronenberg

    Richard Kronenberg Editing

  35. Photo of Paul J. Baccash

    Paul J. Baccash Animation

  36. Photo of Robert Bruce

    Robert Bruce Animation

  37. Photo of Jon Dickson

    Jon Dickson Sound