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  1. Photo of Alejandro Jodorowsky

    Alejandro Jodorowsky Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Reginald Campbell

    Reginald Campbell Screenplay

  3. Photo of Nicholas Niciphor

    Nicholas Niciphor Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jeffrey O'Kelly

    Jeffrey O'Kelly Screenplay

  5. Photo of Cyrielle Clair

    Cyrielle Clair Cast

  6. Photo of Anton Diffring

    Anton Diffring Cast

  7. Photo of Serge Merlin

    Serge Merlin Cast

  8. Photo of Christopher Mitchum

    Christopher Mitchum Cast

  9. Photo of Michel Peyrelon

    Michel Peyrelon Cast

  10. Photo of Sukumar Anhana

    Sukumar Anhana Cast

  11. Photo of B. Chandrasherkhra

    B. Chandrasherkhra Cast

  12. Photo of Menoara the Elephant

    Menoara the Elephant Cast

  13. Photo of Jean-Jacques Flori

    Jean-Jacques Flori Cinematography

  14. Photo of Jean-Claude Petit

    Jean-Claude Petit Music

  15. Photo of Guy Skornik

    Guy Skornik Music

  16. Photo of Martin St. Pierre

    Martin St. Pierre Music

  17. Photo of Philip King

    Philip King Production Design

  18. Photo of Éric Rochat

    Éric Rochat Producer

  19. Photo of Jean-Jacques Fourgeaud

    Jean-Jacques Fourgeaud Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Raymond Adam

    Raymond Adam Sound