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  1. Jdsarmientoburgos's rating of the film Twenty-four Eyes

    About a school teacher and her pupils before and after WWII on a small island in Japan. The passage of time is reflected with songs sang by the school children whose future was devastated by war.

  2. dionysus67's rating of the film Twenty-four Eyes

    Superior anti-war melodrama, Kinoshota's best work maybe, "24 Eyes" spans two decades in the life of a primary school teacher (a great H. Takamine!) in her attempt to inculcate to children in a remote island the values of international solidarity, peace and justice. The idyllic play under the cherry-blossoms gives gay to tragedy and to the painful realization that education cannot overcome ideology. Stunning!

  3. Cinema Omnivore's rating of the film Twenty-four Eyes

    8.0/10, my review:

  4. Il secondo maestro del revolver's rating of the film Twenty-four Eyes

  5. patchwork's rating of the film Twenty-four Eyes

    Film fiume non solo perché supera i vent'anni di storia e le 2ore e1/2 di durata,ma perché fatto di lacrime:dei personaggi(non ho mai visto piangere così tanto in un film,scelta necessaria per esprimere con il corpo ciò che la società proibisce di dire a parole)e del pubblico(impossibile non commuoversi,soprattutto nei momenti di tenerezza enfatizzati dal contesto drammatico).Un film che parla sfacciatamente al cuore

  6. UnbrandedFilms's rating of the film Twenty-four Eyes

    Although the character of the Teacher is well developed and her free minded spirit sets an unbiased contrast to the scarring experience of the war, the length of the film works against the story. Just as excessive sentimentalism, too many tears and a lemme-slash-my-wrists music do.

  7. Javier Toloza's rating of the film Twenty-four Eyes

    How to tell a story like this one, full of strong sentiments and powerful political implications, without falling in an apology of nationalism or guilty feelings for what happened? I got the answer watching this film: telling it from the point of view of the simple people and their everyday life, ordinary people whose only wish is to live enjoying peace and happiness... My mother would love watching this film!

  8. Ashley Spendlove's rating of the film Twenty-four Eyes

    For all its sentimentality, the film succeeds well as an epic lamentation for lost innocence. It's at its strongest when Kinoshita allows an easy pace (especially the opening and concluding acts) allowing both action and scenery to breathe. By contrast I felt it lost momentum when forcing too much plot. In a strange way, the film is at its most impassioned and angry when it conveys things in its most gentle way.

  9. Michael Stephenson's rating of the film Twenty-four Eyes

    Powerful film about war and the bond between a teacher and her students which spans several decades. Nicely shot, the true meaning of epic.

  10. Sarah Pietsch's rating of the film Twenty-four Eyes

    what a lovely film, beautifully shot, well acted, emotionally engaging.

  11. P Teddy Sawyer's rating of the film Twenty-four Eyes

    No delight greater than great delight

  12. claire evans's rating of the film Twenty-four Eyes

    I was really looking forward to this. It is beautiful, and while it conveys very poignantly the devastating effects of the war on families and communities in Japan, in the end I found it too sentimental

  13. raggiodisole's rating of the film Twenty-four Eyes

    Profoundly sad, if a little sentimental, watching the the arc of time sear through the lives of a small coastal community. beautifully and sensitively shot, never failing to engage the senses

  14. Leigh Collins's rating of the film Twenty-four Eyes

    Exquisite film-making, but one of the saddest films I've ever seen. A subtle, yet savage indictment of pre-war Japan.

  15. DrFirestone's rating of the film Twenty-four Eyes

    It's a simple yet powerful story, very emotional, filled with nostalgy and sadness. Set in difficult and turbulent time for Japan explains the conflict between strive for a peaceful, quiet life and loyalty to the state. I'm surprised how this film stays relevant to this day. Masterfully directed, some shots are absolutely beautiful. I also enjoyed the traditional songs in this film. Excellent!

  16. Mark Tallo's rating of the film Twenty-four Eyes

    Just a wonderful moveiw about the live of a teacher

  17. waywardwaters's rating of the film Twenty-four Eyes

    "such a large stock of tears"

  18. M Klein's rating of the film Twenty-four Eyes

    Pair this with The Burmese Harp for a humanist revision of Japanese wartime experience. I admit I was blubbing for the last twenty minutes.

  19. Lumière's rating of the film Twenty-four Eyes

    a clip of children singing:

  20. Mugino's rating of the film Twenty-four Eyes

    The extra effort to cast young, look-alike siblings and matching adult actors has created the moving illusion that we are witnessing our own classroom of kids growing up. A bit heavy with the waterworks, but the tears aren't jerked... they're earned.

  21. Lumenal's rating of the film Twenty-four Eyes

    I really enjoyed this film. Yes, it uses the trick of using children to emotionally affect us, but it's so much more powerful than that alone. And I'll admit it, it really did affect me emotionally. Hedako Takamine's character is so genuine and true to what's important in life.

  22. mhersk's rating of the film Twenty-four Eyes

    Beautiful movie about a group of children, following their lives from the time of starting school through the war years. The movie offers deep insights into small town life, coping with poverty and the impact of WWII on both the boys who went to serve and their families. Bring kleenex.

  23. T.J. Royal's rating of the film Twenty-four Eyes

    I figured this would be good, but what an unexpected delight "Twenty-Four Eyes" was. It follows a Japanese woman's life as a teacher, and her effect on her first class of first-graders. Don't let the sing-song vibe of the first 45 minutes fool you. It's sentimental throughout, but this turns into a very effective, somber melodrama by the end. The lyrical juxtaposition of pedagogy and subordination is superb.

  24. Walberto's rating of the film Twenty-four Eyes

    Even though it is filled with some tacky scenes of sentimentality the film as a whole packs a powerful punch, which makes you care for the teacher who is against the war, and who witnesses her students growing up with the affects of war-torn Japan.

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