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  1. Photo of Shane Meadows

    Shane Meadows Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of George Faber

    George Faber Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Nik Powell

    Nik Powell Executive Producer

  4. Photo of David M. Thompson

    David M. Thompson Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Stephen Woolley

    Stephen Woolley Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Imogen West

    Imogen West Producer

  7. Photo of Sally French

    Sally French Producer

  8. Photo of Paul Fraser

    Paul Fraser Screenplay

  9. Photo of Ashley Rowe

    Ashley Rowe Cinematography

  10. Photo of Danny Nussbaum

    Danny Nussbaum Cast

  11. Photo of Bob Hoskins

    Bob Hoskins Cast

  12. Photo of Bruce Jones

    Bruce Jones Cast

  13. Photo of Annette Badland

    Annette Badland Cast

  14. Photo of Justin Brady

    Justin Brady Cast

  15. Photo of James Hooton

    James Hooton Cast

  16. Photo of Darren O. Campbell

    Darren O. Campbell Cast

  17. Photo of Krishan Beresford

    Krishan Beresford Cast

  18. Photo of Karl Collins

    Karl Collins Cast

  19. Photo of Anthony Clarke

    Anthony Clarke Cast

  20. Photo of Johann Myers

    Johann Myers Cast

  21. Photo of Jimmy Hynd

    Jimmy Hynd Cast

  22. Photo of Mat Hand

    Mat Hand Cast

  23. Photo of Dominic Dillon

    Dominic Dillon Cast

  24. Photo of Ian Smith

    Ian Smith Cast

  25. Photo of Tanya Myers

    Tanya Myers Cast

  26. Photo of Frank Harper

    Frank Harper Cast

  27. Photo of James Corden

    James Corden Cast

  28. Photo of Tony Nyland

    Tony Nyland Cast

  29. Photo of Collin Higgins

    Collin Higgins Cast

  30. Photo of Jo Bell

    Jo Bell Cast

  31. Photo of Pamela Cundell

    Pamela Cundell Cast

  32. Photo of Gina Aris

    Gina Aris Cast

  33. Photo of Sammy Pasha

    Sammy Pasha Cast

  34. Photo of William Diver

    William Diver Editing

  35. Photo of John Paul Kelly

    John Paul Kelly Production Design

  36. Photo of Boo Hewerdine

    Boo Hewerdine Music

  37. Photo of Neil MacColl

    Neil MacColl Music

  38. Photo of Rosie Straker

    Rosie Straker Sound

  39. Photo of Philip Crichton

    Philip Crichton Costume Design