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  1. Photo of Simon Curtis

    Simon Curtis Director

  2. Photo of Kevin Elyot

    Kevin Elyot Screenplay

  3. Photo of Patrick Hamilton

    Patrick Hamilton Novel

  4. Photo of Richard Fell

    Richard Fell Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Gareth Neame

    Gareth Neame Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Kate Harwood

    Kate Harwood Producer

  7. Photo of John Lunn

    John Lunn Music

  8. Photo of John Daly

    John Daly Cinematography

  9. Photo of Adam Recht

    Adam Recht Editing

  10. Photo of Grenville Horner

    Grenville Horner Production Design

  11. Photo of Charlotte Holdich

    Charlotte Holdich Costume Design

  12. Photo of Bryan Dick

    Bryan Dick Cast

  13. Photo of Sally Hawkins

    Sally Hawkins Cast

  14. Photo of Zoe Tapper

    Zoe Tapper Cast

  15. Photo of Jacqueline Tong

    Jacqueline Tong Cast

  16. Photo of Kellie Shirley

    Kellie Shirley Cast

  17. Photo of Anthony O'Donnell

    Anthony O'Donnell Cast

  18. Photo of Richard O'Callaghan

    Richard O'Callaghan Cast

  19. Photo of Kathy Burke

    Kathy Burke Cast

  20. Photo of Marcia Warren

    Marcia Warren Cast

  21. Photo of Doreen Mantle

    Doreen Mantle Cast

  22. Photo of Michael Medwin

    Michael Medwin Cast

  23. Photo of Sid Mitchell

    Sid Mitchell Cast

  24. Photo of Ryan Cartwright

    Ryan Cartwright Cast

  25. Photo of Geoffrey Streatfeild

    Geoffrey Streatfeild Cast

  26. Photo of Gary Connery

    Gary Connery Cast

  27. Photo of Mossie Smith

    Mossie Smith Cast