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  1. Valentin Alexandru's rating of the film Twilight

  2. MisterColo93's rating of the film Twilight

  3. Hira's rating of the film Twilight

  4. Fabio Osvaldo Carta's rating of the film Twilight

  5. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Twilight

    Twilight provokes adjectives: murky, muddy, foggy, rainy, grainy. If someone wanted to know what an art film looked like, this is almost the perfect example. It's definitely not easy to decipher on first look. There are the long takes and the black and white photography. It doesn't so much end as it trails off. The music is the perfect accompaniment with its chorus of souls and deep submarine sounds.

  6. bagno's rating of the film Twilight

    3.5 such an impressive work. a little bit of man from london, a little bit of damnation; mud, b/w and long takes are a guarantee of quality in hungary.

  7. Slow Immersion's rating of the film Twilight

    One of the great unknown masterpieces, and I can't but help wonder if this influenced Tarr too; or the reverse that Feher was influenced by Tarr. Tarr's form came to light in Damnation (1988),and I know he had some input on this one. Anyway, feels like a bad dream, and much like some black metal, I think the lo-fi feel of the VHS transfers adds atmosphere and something to the film. Probably better than Man from Londo

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  10. iheartllama's rating of the film Twilight

    Any advise on how to get a hold of this one ???

  11. The King of Resolven's rating of the film Twilight

    This film is like watching a nightmare unfold. Not just because of the black-and-white cinematography, but its also the claustrophobic fog in the background. It feels like a world where our main protagonist wants to escape from, but simply can not. He is trapped in his own obsessions. In ways, you could say that the child killer is like the Grim Reaper, that follows the obsessed police man and haunts him.

  12. Mathieu Langlois's rating of the film Twilight

  13. redux's rating of the film Twilight

    Dürrenmatt's 'The Pledge' given the 'black molasses' treatment — a Hungarian procedure that brings the formal advancements of Tarkovsky's oeuvre to goth kids in optimum time and budget.

  14. ironbound's rating of the film Twilight

  15. Scott Barley's rating of the film Twilight

    Dropping conventional narrative hooks and dialogue for atmosphere and mood, the criminally unknown and underrated György Fehér creates an ominous and beautiful piece of cinema, which resembles the visual language of Béla Tarr's films, with some added gothic overtones. Hopefully in years to come Fehérs work will be noted and appreciated to the extent that it truly deserves. A moody masterpiece.

  16. Nadin's rating of the film Twilight

    A tense Tarr-esque film. Beautifully shot, well narrated, and the suspense is formidably maintained right up to the end. I am not surprised that Feher was involved in the production of Tarr's Sátántángo. You can clearly see his contributions on set. Several stylistic elements from Twilight were later applied to Tarr's seven-hour piece. I would have loved to see this one on a big screen, though.

  17. 陈 振礼's rating of the film Twilight

    I saw this at TIFF twenty odd years ago and it left an indelible impression. I hope they issue it on bluray/DVD one day.