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  1. Photo of Tomu Uchida

    Tomu Uchida Director

  2. Photo of Senzo Nada

    Senzo Nada Screenplay

  3. Photo of Shigeru Amachi

    Shigeru Amachi Cast

  4. Photo of Korema Arima

    Korema Arima Cast

  5. Photo of Ureo Egawa

    Ureo Egawa Cast

  6. Photo of Daisuke Katô

    Daisuke Katô Cast

  7. Photo of Ichiro Kodama

    Ichiro Kodama Cast

  8. Photo of Isamu Kosugi

    Isamu Kosugi Cast

  9. Photo of Takuya Miyahara

    Takuya Miyahara Cast

  10. Photo of Akira Nakamura

    Akira Nakamura Cast

  11. Photo of Hitomi Nozoe

    Hitomi Nozoe Cast

  12. Photo of Natsuko Okazaki

    Natsuko Okazaki Cast

  13. Photo of Hiroshi Ono

    Hiroshi Ono Cast

  14. Photo of Minoru Takada

    Minoru Takada Cast

  15. Photo of Tetsurô Tanba

    Tetsurô Tanba Cast

  16. Photo of Jun Tatara

    Jun Tatara Cast

  17. Photo of Keiko Tsushima

    Keiko Tsushima Cast

  18. Photo of Eijirô Tôno

    Eijirô Tôno Cast

  19. Photo of Ken Utsui

    Ken Utsui Cast

  20. Photo of Sakutaro Yamakawa

    Sakutaro Yamakawa Cast

  21. Photo of Rokurô Nishigaki

    Rokurô Nishigaki Cinematography

  22. Photo of Yasushi Akutagawa

    Yasushi Akutagawa Music

  23. Photo of Seiichiro Sakaeda

    Seiichiro Sakaeda Producer