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  1. Photo of Robert Aldrich

    Robert Aldrich Director

  2. Photo of Ronald M. Cohen

    Ronald M. Cohen Screenplay

  3. Photo of Edward Huebsch

    Edward Huebsch Screenplay

  4. Photo of Walter Wager

    Walter Wager Screenplay

  5. Photo of Burt Lancaster

    Burt Lancaster Cast

  6. Photo of Roscoe Lee Browne

    Roscoe Lee Browne Cast

  7. Photo of Joseph Cotten

    Joseph Cotten Cast

  8. Photo of Melvyn Douglas

    Melvyn Douglas Cast

  9. Photo of Charles Durning

    Charles Durning Cast

  10. Photo of Richard Jaeckel

    Richard Jaeckel Cast

  11. Photo of William Marshall

    William Marshall Cast

  12. Photo of Gerald S. O'Loughlin

    Gerald S. O'Loughlin Cast

  13. Photo of Richard Widmark

    Richard Widmark Cast

  14. Photo of Paul Winfield

    Paul Winfield Cast

  15. Photo of Burt Young

    Burt Young Cast

  16. Photo of Charles Aidman

    Charles Aidman Cast

  17. Photo of Leif Erickson

    Leif Erickson Cast

  18. Photo of Charles McGraw

    Charles McGraw Cast

  19. Photo of Morgan Paull

    Morgan Paull Cast

  20. Photo of Simon Scott

    Simon Scott Cast

  21. Photo of William Smith

    William Smith Cast

  22. Photo of Robert B. Hauser

    Robert B. Hauser Cinematography

  23. Photo of Jerry Goldsmith

    Jerry Goldsmith Music

  24. Photo of Rolf Zehetbauer

    Rolf Zehetbauer Production Design

  25. Photo of Werner Achmann

    Werner Achmann Production Design

  26. Photo of Merv Adelson

    Merv Adelson Producer

  27. Photo of Helmut Jedele

    Helmut Jedele Executive Producer

  28. Photo of Michael Luciano

    Michael Luciano Editing

  29. Photo of William Martin

    William Martin Editing

  30. Photo of Maury Winetrobe

    Maury Winetrobe Editing

  31. Photo of Gordon Daniel

    Gordon Daniel Sound

  32. Photo of Gordon Davidson

    Gordon Davidson Sound

  33. Photo of Gilbert D. Marchant

    Gilbert D. Marchant Sound

  34. Photo of Thomas S. Dawson

    Thomas S. Dawson Costume Design