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  1. Photo of Mona Fong

    Mona Fong Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Run Run Shaw

    Run Run Shaw Producer

  3. Photo of Lawrence Cheng

    Lawrence Cheng Screenplay

  4. Photo of Cheung Gwok-Ming

    Cheung Gwok-Ming Screenplay, Cinematography Director

  5. Photo of Sandy Shaw

    Sandy Shaw Screenplay

  6. Photo of Manfred Wong

    Manfred Wong Screenplay

  7. Photo of Biu Law Che

    Biu Law Che Cast

  8. Photo of Ching Miao

    Ching Miao Cast

  9. Photo of Cherie Chung

    Cherie Chung Cast

  10. Photo of Feng Feng

    Feng Feng Cast

  11. Photo of Ping Fong

    Ping Fong Cast

  12. Photo of Ha Ping

    Ha Ping Cast

  13. Photo of Ho Pak-Kwong

    Ho Pak-Kwong Cast

  14. Photo of Ying Sau Hui

    Ying Sau Hui Cast

  15. Photo of Chi Tai Lam

    Chi Tai Lam Cast

  16. Photo of Lau Yat Fan

    Lau Yat Fan Cast

  17. Photo of Law Ho-Kai

    Law Ho-Kai Cast

  18. Photo of Tin Leung

    Tin Leung Cast

  19. Photo of Shao Hua Liang

    Shao Hua Liang Cast

  20. Photo of David Lo

    David Lo Cast

  21. Photo of James Yi Lui

    James Yi Lui Cast

  22. Photo of Sai Gwa-pau

    Sai Gwa-pau Cast

  23. Photo of Tin Nam Tam

    Tin Nam Tam Cast

  24. Photo of Hark Tsui

    Hark Tsui Cast

  25. Photo of Ching Ho Wang

    Ching Ho Wang Cast

  26. Photo of Wang Han-Chen

    Wang Han-Chen Cast