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  1. Photo of Sammo Hung Kam-Bo

    Sammo Hung Kam-Bo Director and Cast

  2. Photo of Szeto Cheuk-Hon

    Szeto Cheuk-Hon Screenplay

  3. Photo of Barry Wong

    Barry Wong Screenplay

  4. Photo of Arthur Wong

    Arthur Wong Cinematography

  5. Photo of Sibelle Hu

    Sibelle Hu Cast

  6. Photo of Charlie Chin

    Charlie Chin Cast

  7. Photo of Fung Shui-Fan

    Fung Shui-Fan Cast

  8. Photo of Richard Ng

    Richard Ng Cast

  9. Photo of Eric Tsang

    Eric Tsang Cast

  10. Photo of Jackie Chan

    Jackie Chan Cast

  11. Photo of Biao Yuen

    Biao Yuen Cast

  12. Photo of John Sham

    John Sham Cast

  13. Photo of Andy Lau

    Andy Lau Cast

  14. Photo of Richard Norton

    Richard Norton Cast

  15. Photo of Yasuaki Kurata

    Yasuaki Kurata Cast

  16. Photo of Kiu Wai Miu

    Kiu Wai Miu Cast

  17. Photo of Rosamund Kwan

    Rosamund Kwan Cast

  18. Photo of Michelle Yeoh

    Michelle Yeoh Cast

  19. Photo of Stanley Fung Sui-Fan

    Stanley Fung Sui-Fan Cast