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  1. Photo of José Celestino Campusano

    José Celestino Campusano Producer, Screenplay Director

  2. Photo of Pedro Campusano

    Pedro Campusano Producer

  3. Photo of Juan D. Padín

    Juan D. Padín Producer

  4. Photo of Leonardo Padín

    Leonardo Padín Cinematography, Editing Producer

  5. Photo of Ernesto Ángel Barrera

    Ernesto Ángel Barrera Sound

  6. Photo of Daniel Ibarrart

    Daniel Ibarrart Sound

  7. Photo of Oscar Génova

    Oscar Génova Cast

  8. Photo of Nehuén Zapata

    Nehuén Zapata Cast

  9. Photo of Marisa Pajaro

    Marisa Pajaro Cast

  10. Photo of Javier de la Vega

    Javier de la Vega Cast

  11. Photo of Olga Perezgel

    Olga Perezgel Cast

  12. Photo of Enrique Muzio

    Enrique Muzio Executive Producer

  13. Photo of Juan Manuel Colombo

    Juan Manuel Colombo Music