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  1. Thomas's rating of the film Two Shots Fired

    Rejtman again shows his knack for well observed set-pieces. Unfortunately they are not enough to sustain the film.

  2. jsbrocka's rating of the film Two Shots Fired

    It's hard to understand what the point of this non-linear film of multiple digressions is. But with unflinching deadpan humour and absorbing characters with their own tangential subplots (although there isn't really any plot to begin with), it just keeps you watching until the very end.

  3. HenriqueA's rating of the film Two Shots Fired

    How have I not heard of Rejtman before? Sure, this feels like a pastiche of Kaurismaki, Roy Andersson and Pablo Stoll on a theater stage, but somehow it slowly works as its own droll beast. It is a little miracle that it never gets boring.

  4. Nicole's rating of the film Two Shots Fired

    I'm really starting to dig this Rejtman. I feel like I should've been recommended him after getting into Todd Solondz, Jim Jarmusch.

  5. Reynaldo Goulart's rating of the film Two Shots Fired

  6. Ramon Colom's rating of the film Two Shots Fired

    Para mi, es la mas interesante de este CICLO de MARTIN Rejtman. Solo un “pero”: la flauta dulce es un castigo.

  7. Dzinghis the Little Big Guy's rating of the film Two Shots Fired

    This was hilarious! The story unfolds in a rather weird way. I liked the bit about how they meet the new flute player. Also there seems to be something going on with odd threesomes. Might have to watch again. The psychotherapist from Shakti is the mum here! We watched this over a few sessions and it was well worth it. I'd say this guy is the South American Kaurismaki but my buddy disagrees. But I know I'm right.

  8. Cal's rating of the film Two Shots Fired

    I quite enjoyed this. There are times the film works, and it works wonderfully. There are times the film sags and becomes less interesting. But definitely worth the watch.

  9. tubbssw's rating of the film Two Shots Fired

    A very good low key deadpan quirky comedy but I wish I had seen it before "The Magic Gloves" (2003).

  10. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Two Shots Fired

    Standard mix of low-key comedy, dramatic turns, and quirkiness from writer-director Martín Rejtman, I really enjoyed this for the distraction it sets out to be. It manages to be mesmerising during so many moments that should be tiresome and boring.

  11. Artyom Yakovlev's rating of the film Two Shots Fired

    “Two Shots Fired” is similar to earlier Rejtman’s films but different from them at the same time. There is much more weirdness going on here than in his previous works: every character is eccentric, every setting is bizarre, and every plot twist has no logical explanation and has to be taken at face value. His films, however funny, are filled with absurdity of life and a sense of utter pointlessness and loneliness.

  12. askapsaskis's rating of the film Two Shots Fired

    I wanted to watch a movie about suicide, but this was either horrendously dull or just too subtle for me.

  13. Yasseen's rating of the film Two Shots Fired

    This movie felt like a puff of warm air of a hot day.

  14. mine sak's rating of the film Two Shots Fired

    This movie had a few good ideas and the whole thing relied on the creativity of those few points. Some jokes felt pretentious. The idea of making an absurd, cold, gestureless and feelingless comedy seems to be the only concern and indeed it gets boring quickly, it seems like you get the taste of the movie in the first half an hour and does not produce further joy (the jokes are exhausted at that point) or thought

  15. Aaron Oldenburg's rating of the film Two Shots Fired

    I don't think this is the best movie of his to start with. Lesser versions of the same types of jokes/vignettes/plot points from his previous movies seem recycled here. Also, I miss some of his earlier recurring actors.

  16. marcus antonius melo de leopoldino junior's rating of the film Two Shots Fired

    O cine argentino tem dessas coisas que me encantam, a sinceridade ao tratar de temas densos, complexos e pesados. O humor e o cotidiano seco e direto, as vezes até com um nível de sarcasmo. O roteiro e a montagem ajudam nesse sentimento do ser sincero com o que os personagens sentem ou escondem. Um filme necessário para entender essa geração argentina.

  17. Dada Kubin's rating of the film Two Shots Fired

    The life of a derailed family, played in low key. Like early Lanthimos but with a light touch and almost no anxiety. It could also be called Two Films Shot in One. I liked the first one with the gun and the flutes more than the second with a trip to countryside, mainly because the first part was so estranging. I mean considering the kid with a bullet in stomach, playing flute, not answering the damn annoying phone.

  18. fgonzalezse's rating of the film Two Shots Fired

  19. Allyson McCall's rating of the film Two Shots Fired

    Two Shots Fired is at best description an art piece. It starts off with contentious activities in a artsy style . A boy then shoots himself twice once in the head and then once in the stomach. To his surprise he lives and is returned back to his life. The film shows him increasingly get better and better using the progress of a instrument. Overall this film was interesting but hard to sit through at times. 3 stars .

  20. lesminho's rating of the film Two Shots Fired

  21. Jason's rating of the film Two Shots Fired

    First of all: the advanced physics of storytelling are all about them tangents and tangentials, my friend. Secondarily: perhaps we do an injustice to the 'deadpan' when we characterize it merely as an affable comic style, stratégie de yucks. Maybe it is actually a matter of underselling being a style-ethic, the sound and the fury the province of toddlers. Neutral affect very often represents a profound dignity.

  22. Mitchell Abidor's rating of the film Two Shots Fired

    this time Rejtman - pardon the pun - misfires completely. It's one thing to have quirky characters do and accomplish nothing,as in his other films. It's quite another to have the boring nobodies of Two Shots Fired dither round for 104 minutes. It's been two hours since i watched the film and i no longer remember anything that happened, which is probably an accurate and complete recollection.

  23. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Two Shots Fired

    I love his style. What I see as a common theme is how everything's connected. He moves from story to story seamlessly. It's slice of life, and while there are comic moments in this one, it's definitely not a comedy. Not like 'The Magic Gloves'. More Rejtman, please.

  24. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Two Shots Fired

    I love deadpan humor in general, and some of my all-time favorite directors favor a laconic style over a more empathic approach to filmmaking (Lanthimos, Andersson etc.) but I have never been able to penetrate the hermetic world of Rejtman. I need help.

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