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  1. Photo of Anatoli Efros

    Anatoli Efros Director

  2. Photo of Eduard Kazakevich

    Eduard Kazakevich Screenplay

  3. Photo of Dzhon Ter-Tatevosyan

    Dzhon Ter-Tatevosyan Music

  4. Photo of Pyotr Yemelyanov

    Pyotr Yemelyanov Cinematography

  5. Photo of Valeri Babyatinsky

    Valeri Babyatinsky Cast

  6. Photo of Assu Nurekenov

    Assu Nurekenov Cast

  7. Photo of Svetlana Konovalova

    Svetlana Konovalova Cast

  8. Photo of Evgeniya Presnikova

    Evgeniya Presnikova Cast

  9. Photo of Anatoli Verbitsky

    Anatoli Verbitsky Cast

  10. Photo of Lev Durov

    Lev Durov Cast

  11. Photo of Ivan Kuznetsov

    Ivan Kuznetsov Cast

  12. Photo of Dmitri Masanov

    Dmitri Masanov Cast

  13. Photo of Georgi Shapovalov

    Georgi Shapovalov Cast

  14. Photo of Gennadi Sajfulin

    Gennadi Sajfulin Cast

  15. Photo of Konstantin Khudyakov

    Konstantin Khudyakov Cast