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  1. DSPRKY's rating of the film Two Lovers

    There is something ineffable about Gray's work here. Interesting shots, great acting. It's a simple, unpretentious, classicist story that typically wouldn't do much for me, but Gray spins it subtly enough to make it very enjoyable.

  2. Nick Schwab's rating of the film Two Lovers

    The drama initially plays out indifferently. The Phoenix and Paltrow characters aren't necessarily unlikable, but they seem to undergo one-track motions for sympathy. It's hard to warm up to them, perhaps because their pitied side outweighs their positive qualities. The last half hour of this film is utterly powerful and emotionally complex, partly perhaps, because it was all a lead up to it.

  3. C's rating of the film Two Lovers

    Gwyneth Paltrow's character as written by James Gray: me? I'm a girl who don't read too good, I'm fucked up lol ;P you're weird ;)) Joaquin Phoenix's character: cries when he sees a tit///3.5

  4. FISCHER's rating of the film Two Lovers

    Une exceptionnelle interprétation de l'incontournable Joaquin Phoenix, dans une oeuvre puissante et somptueuse sur la fragilité des coeurs et les désastres affectifs, traversée par une infinie tristesse et d'indicibles doutes existentiels qu'entretiennent avec constance, sagacité et férocité nos imprévisibles et navrants égarements émotionnels...

  5. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film Two Lovers

  6. William's rating of the film Two Lovers

    Vinessa Shaw is something else in this!

  7. Aube James's rating of the film Two Lovers

    This unique love triangle is seemingly driven by psychic pain, Bar Mitzvah, and the sense that "love" won't protect us from exploitation

  8. alchimia's rating of the film Two Lovers

    this movie made me hate Joacquin Phoenix. and that's and hard thing to do.

  9. Stian Gledje Bekkvik's rating of the film Two Lovers

  10.'s rating of the film Two Lovers

    (...)Die meisten von uns würden an einem bestimmten (unreifen) Punkt unseres Lebens auch Michelle vergöttern: Sie ist schön und charmant mit einem gewinnendem Lächeln. Sie hat aber keine innere Ruhe (...) Vermutlich sieht Leonard sich selbst als die Lösung ihrer Probleme. Es gibt aber ein Verständnisproblem seinerseits: Er verwechselt, dass sie ihn braucht damit, dass sie ihn liebt (...)

  11. mlstrx's rating of the film Two Lovers

    kinda like closer but not as good, i hate all the actors in this though, so i actually enjoyed this way more than i expected to

  12. Drew Kelly's rating of the film Two Lovers

    This movie seemed to be desperately trying to fall within the "interesting" "indie" categories, while also trying to appeal to a pop old bored people audience. Pretty superficial crap, with some nice cinematography.

  13. RoRoRoro's rating of the film Two Lovers

  14. Robert Howard's rating of the film Two Lovers

    The one-two punch of Gray's We Own The Night and this, both with Phoenix, is astounding.

  15. David R Williams's rating of the film Two Lovers

    Jeremy Carr wrote "poignant melodrama and carefully considered art film, without any pretention whatsoever." Sadly I find just the opposite...melodramatic yes but hardly poignant. Neither carefully considered nor art. And heavily pretentious. You never forget that Joaquin Phoenix is Joaquin Phoenix or that Gwyneth Paltrow is Gwyneth Paltrow. Both actors wearing shallow characters going through the motions.

  16. T Mills's rating of the film Two Lovers

    I've yet to be convinced of Gray's brilliance (The Yards is still my favorite of his work). This film was uneven, especially in the characterization of Leonard, who seems to be two people (but not convincingly so). The most true and powerful portrayal is of the two women. The last thirty minutes are painful (in a good way) and almost elevate the film to a higher level.

  17. OcioActivo's rating of the film Two Lovers

    My 2nd Gray film after The Immigrant. I loved this film, especially the way timing (as relationships typically are) makes victims of the 3 key players. Phoenix shows his acting prowess by toeing the line between regular Joe, socially awkward, and a bit crazy. While he may one day wish to have drowned, his sham of a relationship, ring & commitment, is based on lucky/unlucky timing. It's a fascinating journey.

  18. shimown's rating of the film Two Lovers

    I enjoyed the acting in this film by everyone but Gwyneth Paltrow. Her character, such as it was, seemed too two dimensional. Maybe it is just me, but somehow her performance seemed to detract from the rest of the film, so at the end I felt it would have been a much better film without her. Visually, it is a sumptuous film, beautifully captured and edited with great care. Overall, engaging and revelatory.

  19. John's rating of the film Two Lovers

    A moody minor masterpiece. Loved the working class Jewish Brighton Beach setting. And Vinessa Shaw.

  20. Soulo_Guero's rating of the film Two Lovers

  21. El Biffo's rating of the film Two Lovers

    Sam Goldwyn said "A Jew can't play a Jew. It wouldn't look right on screen." Crass words from the legendary studio mogul, but in Joaquin's case he is right. Israeli TV comic Moni Moshonov is also miscast, his phony accent is awful. Isabella Rossellini, however, is great as a Jewish immigrant. 3.5 stars, not bad if you like love movies.

  22. Oui Henri's rating of the film Two Lovers

    shallow, horribly scripted. watch la notti bianche if you would like a better take on dostoyevsky's white nights

  23. Howard Fritzson's rating of the film Two Lovers

    3.5 stars. I liked it. The performers were convincing and the mournful tone was touching. Joaquin Phoenix has surprising delicacy as an actor.

  24. Beaty Reynolds's rating of the film Two Lovers

    Other than Gwyneth Paltrow, whose acting ability has suffered ever since she discovered Goop, the cast is solid. Hardly what I would call brilliant or even particularly insightful, but still it's character-driven, and one doesn't get to see Isabella Rossellini enough. Joaquin is always interesting.

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