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Ratings & Reviews

  1. FISCHER's rating of the film Two People

    Petit film suédois de Carl Theodor Dreyer, souvent négligé voire oublié qui mérite le détour par l'efficace maîtrise d'un huis clos conséquent...

  2. bagno's rating of the film Two People

    3 scarse perchè è un pelo troppo frocio

  3. José Neves's rating of the film Two People

    Usually considered a minor Dreyer, it's, actually, a brilliant film in its occupancy of a limited space (but not in a theatrical way, the découpage is strictly filmic) and in its use of time - contraction versus extensibility. Suddenly, death dwells (in) a space where life would seem to be their only (an) occupation. As in Hitchcock's "Under Capricorn", the kammerspiele is a lurid trial of determinant memories.

  4. Karl J. Kipling's rating of the film Two People

    Easy to see why Dreyer disowned this. It's filmed theater, and not particularly good theater.

  5. Aflwydd's rating of the film Two People

    Despite what Bordwell writes, it's not a failure at all; in fact, it's outstanding. I'd eliminate the Hollywood background music if I could, but you can't have everything.

  6. TFCHooligan69's rating of the film Two People

    Something different from the great master.

  7. Francisco R.'s rating of the film Two People

    Not as "disastrous" as most critics and Dreyer himself have referred to this film, though there is an evident lack of chemistry between the leads (a blatant example is the scene where the actress quickly turns her head to avoid being kissed in the mouth by the other guy) it's difficult to find another major fault in this movie, I enjoyed the simplicity and how swiftly the story unfolds.

  8. Lefteris Becerra's rating of the film Two People

    interesante trabajo. fallido por las razones que el propio dreyer se detuvo a explicar, como que le impusieran a los actores, pero sin duda una mala película de un maestro como dreyer es siempre más interesante que los exitosos productos industriales que nos intentan sambutir vía la sumisión nacional a una una industria por lo demás deplorable como lo es hollywood