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  1. Photo of Yves Allégret

    Yves Allégret Director

  2. Photo of Marcel Achard

    Marcel Achard Director

  3. Photo of Marc Allégret

    Marc Allégret Director

  4. Photo of M. Bilou

    M. Bilou Screenplay

  5. Photo of Claude-André Puget

    Claude-André Puget Screenplay

  6. Photo of Eugène Labiche

    Eugène Labiche Play

  7. Photo of Pierre Brasseur

    Pierre Brasseur Cast

  8. Photo of Jacqueline Laurent

    Jacqueline Laurent Cast

  9. Photo of Claude Dauphin

    Claude Dauphin Cast

  10. Photo of Gisèle Préville

    Gisèle Préville Cast

  11. Photo of Lucien Callamand

    Lucien Callamand Cast

  12. Photo of Marie Caplie

    Marie Caplie Cast

  13. Photo of Fernand Charpin

    Fernand Charpin Cast

  14. Photo of Yves Deniaud

    Yves Deniaud Cast

  15. Photo of Marc Doelnitz

    Marc Doelnitz Cast

  16. Photo of Henri Guisol

    Henri Guisol Cast

  17. Photo of Jane Marken

    Jane Marken Cast

  18. Photo of Gaston Orbal

    Gaston Orbal Cast

  19. Photo of Giselle Pascal

    Giselle Pascal Cast

  20. Photo of Pierre Prévert

    Pierre Prévert Cast

  21. Photo of Renée Reney

    Renée Reney Cast

  22. Photo of Tramel

    Tramel Cast

  23. Photo of Philippe Agostini

    Philippe Agostini Cinematography

  24. Photo of Jean Marion

    Jean Marion Music

  25. Photo of Germaine Tailleferre

    Germaine Tailleferre Music

  26. Photo of Roger Spiri-Mercaton

    Roger Spiri-Mercaton Editing

  27. Photo of Marcel Courmes

    Marcel Courmes Sound

  28. Photo of Paul Bertrand

    Paul Bertrand Art Department