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  1. Photo of Yuri Andreyev

    Yuri Andreyev Cast

  2. Photo of Vladimir Ferapontov

    Vladimir Ferapontov Cast

  3. Photo of Viktor Filippov

    Viktor Filippov Cast

  4. Photo of Olga Gromova

    Olga Gromova Cast

  5. Photo of Roman Kachanov

    Roman Kachanov Director

  6. Photo of Kir Bulychyov

    Kir Bulychyov Screenplay

  7. Photo of Liliana Monakhova

    Liliana Monakhova Producer

  8. Photo of Yuriy Saulskiy

    Yuriy Saulskiy Music

  9. Photo of Kabul Rasulov

    Kabul Rasulov Cinematography

  10. Photo of Elena Belyavskaya

    Elena Belyavskaya Editing

  11. Photo of Vladimir Kutuzov

    Vladimir Kutuzov Sound

  12. Photo of Anatoliy Abarenov

    Anatoliy Abarenov Animation

  13. Photo of Antonina Alyoshina

    Antonina Alyoshina Animation

  14. Photo of Iosif Kuroyan

    Iosif Kuroyan Animation

  15. Photo of Aleksandr Panov

    Aleksandr Panov Animation

  16. Photo of Marina Rogova

    Marina Rogova Animation

  17. Photo of Marina Voskanyants

    Marina Voskanyants Animation