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  1. Photo of João Mário Grilo

    João Mário Grilo Director

  2. Photo of Rui Cardoso Martins

    Rui Cardoso Martins Screenplay

  3. Photo of Tereza Coelho

    Tereza Coelho Screenplay

  4. Photo of Beatriz Batarda

    Beatriz Batarda Cast

  5. Photo of Virgílio Castelo

    Virgílio Castelo Cast

  6. Photo of Débora Monteiro

    Débora Monteiro Cast

  7. Photo of Marcello Urgeghe

    Marcello Urgeghe Cast

  8. Photo of Sofia Grilo

    Sofia Grilo Cast

  9. Photo of José Pinto

    José Pinto Cast

  10. Photo of João Perry

    João Perry Cast

  11. Photo of Nicolau Breyner

    Nicolau Breyner Cast

  12. Photo of Breno Moroni

    Breno Moroni Cast

  13. Photo of Luís Esparteiro

    Luís Esparteiro Cast

  14. Photo of Álvaro Faria

    Álvaro Faria Cast

  15. Photo of Mário Jacques

    Mário Jacques Cast

  16. Photo of António Cordeiro

    António Cordeiro Cast

  17. Photo of Adelaide de Sousa

    Adelaide de Sousa Cast

  18. Photo of Vanda Correia

    Vanda Correia Cast

  19. Photo of Letícia Liesenfeld

    Letícia Liesenfeld Cast

  20. Photo of Rui Poças

    Rui Poças Cinematography

  21. Photo of Wagner Tiso

    Wagner Tiso Music

  22. Photo of Ana Costa

    Ana Costa Producer

  23. Photo of Paulo Trancoso

    Paulo Trancoso Producer

  24. Photo of Paulo Milhomens

    Paulo Milhomens Editing