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  1. Photo of Pavel Lungin

    Pavel Lungin Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Yuliy Dubov

    Yuliy Dubov Screenplay

  3. Photo of Aleksandr Borodyanskiy

    Aleksandr Borodyanskiy Screenplay

  4. Photo of Catherine Dussart

    Catherine Dussart Producer

  5. Photo of Vladimir Grigoriev

    Vladimir Grigoriev Producer

  6. Photo of Sergey Selyanov

    Sergey Selyanov Producer

  7. Photo of Galina Sementsova

    Galina Sementsova Producer

  8. Photo of Leonid Desyatnikov

    Leonid Desyatnikov Music

  9. Photo of Oleg Dobronravov

    Oleg Dobronravov Cinematography

  10. Photo of Aleksei Fyodorov

    Aleksei Fyodorov Cinematography

  11. Photo of Sophie Brunet

    Sophie Brunet Editing

  12. Photo of Igor Frolov

    Igor Frolov Production Design

  13. Photo of Alain Curvelier

    Alain Curvelier Sound

  14. Photo of Vladimir Mashkov

    Vladimir Mashkov Cast

  15. Photo of Mariya Mironova

    Mariya Mironova Cast

  16. Photo of Andrey Krasko

    Andrey Krasko Cast

  17. Photo of Levan Uchaneishvili

    Levan Uchaneishvili Cast

  18. Photo of Mikhail Vasserbaum

    Mikhail Vasserbaum Cast

  19. Photo of Sergey Yushkevich

    Sergey Yushkevich Cast

  20. Photo of Aleksandr Samoylenko

    Aleksandr Samoylenko Cast

  21. Photo of Natalya Kolyakanova

    Natalya Kolyakanova Cast

  22. Photo of Aleksandr Baluev

    Aleksandr Baluev Cast

  23. Photo of Vladimir Gusev

    Vladimir Gusev Cast

  24. Photo of Vladimir Steklov

    Vladimir Steklov Cast

  25. Photo of Marat Basharov

    Marat Basharov Cast

  26. Photo of Vladimir Salnikov

    Vladimir Salnikov Cast

  27. Photo of Vladimir Golovin

    Vladimir Golovin Cast

  28. Photo of Vladimir Kashpur

    Vladimir Kashpur Cast

  29. Photo of Anna Churina

    Anna Churina Cast

  30. Photo of Konstantin Berdikov

    Konstantin Berdikov Cast

  31. Photo of Vladimir Semago

    Vladimir Semago Cast

  32. Photo of Yuriy Vaksman

    Yuriy Vaksman Cast