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Ratings & Reviews

  1. singhtapishwar's rating of the film Udaan

    For Ronit-Roy's performance alone.And some engaging poetry.

  2. Fountainpen's rating of the film Udaan

    Very nice coming of the age movie. The worsening relation between the father and the son hooks you right into the movie. The opening sequence is brilliant. Being a small town boy, I could easily connect with the basic vibe of the movie right from the word go.

  3. Vineet's rating of the film Udaan

    has this movie been screened in Cannes? reviews please!

  4. Holyphool's rating of the film Udaan

    One of the best new Indian films I have seen- which not only has a strong, heart-felt realistic story, but the film never veers from the relationship between father, son and the little brother Congratulations to all who made it, esp the two boys, who are just magnificent. I hope Western film-goers world will see this film and be moved by it..

  5. pagal4paan's rating of the film Udaan

    It took me several tries to finish this film, because the harshness between father and sons was too much for me to stomach - in fact I've seen several instances like this in real life, so the film hit very close to home. Acting wise, everyone's performance was stellar. Music by Amit Trivedi was a winner, with Azaadiyaan being my favorite.

  6. moha297's rating of the film Udaan

    Harsh reality in lot of ways. Amazing performances. Esp the father's character was an eye opening performance. Sweet musical score too, goes well with the concept too.

  7. Sudipto Basu's rating of the film Udaan

  8. Pooja Kohli's rating of the film Udaan

    it's a masterpiece, not to be missed. Beautiful, poetic, harsh and truthful - it tells it like it is - i was in tears even before the opening credits rolled!