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  1. Photo of Chander Vohra

    Chander Vohra Director

  2. Photo of Anand Kumar

    Anand Kumar Screenplay

  3. Photo of L.V. Prasad

    L.V. Prasad Screenplay

  4. Photo of Asha Parekh

    Asha Parekh Cast

  5. Photo of Jeetendra

    Jeetendra Cast

  6. Photo of Prema Narayan

    Prema Narayan Cast

  7. Photo of Reena Roy

    Reena Roy Cast

  8. Photo of Om Shivpuri

    Om Shivpuri Cast

  9. Photo of Asrani

    Asrani Cast

  10. Photo of Dheeraj Kumar

    Dheeraj Kumar Cast

  11. Photo of Urmila Bhatt

    Urmila Bhatt Cast

  12. Photo of Satyen Kappu

    Satyen Kappu Cast

  13. Photo of Manmohan Krishna

    Manmohan Krishna Cast

  14. Photo of Manju Bansal

    Manju Bansal Cast

  15. Photo of Paintal

    Paintal Cast

  16. Photo of Dhumal

    Dhumal Cast

  17. Photo of Jayshree T.

    Jayshree T. Cast

  18. Photo of Reeta Bhaduri

    Reeta Bhaduri Cast

  19. Photo of Kamal Kapoor

    Kamal Kapoor Cast