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  1. Photo of Eduardo Morais

    Eduardo Morais Director, Editing Cinematography

  2. Photo of The Gift

    The Gift Executive Producer

  3. Photo of João Carlos Martins

    João Carlos Martins Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Fernando Pita

    Fernando Pita Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Né Azevedo

    Né Azevedo Executive Producer

  6. Photo of João Pombeiro

    João Pombeiro Cinematography

  7. Photo of Helena Fagundes

    Helena Fagundes Sound

  8. Photo of Pedro Silva

    Pedro Silva Animation

  9. Photo of António Sérgio

    António Sérgio Cast

  10. Photo of Zé Pedro

    Zé Pedro Cast

  11. Photo of Pedro Ramos

    Pedro Ramos Cast

  12. Photo of Fernando Ribeiro

    Fernando Ribeiro Cast

  13. Photo of António Manuel Ribeiro

    António Manuel Ribeiro Cast

  14. Photo of Miguel Quintão

    Miguel Quintão Cast

  15. Photo of Nuno Galopim

    Nuno Galopim Cast

  16. Photo of Jaime Fernandes

    Jaime Fernandes Cast

  17. Photo of Tó Trips

    Tó Trips Cast

  18. Photo of Nuno Calado

    Nuno Calado Cast

  19. Photo of Ana Cristina Ferrão

    Ana Cristina Ferrão Cast

  20. Photo of Alvaro Costa

    Alvaro Costa Cast

  21. Photo of Jorge Mourinha

    Jorge Mourinha Cast

  22. Photo of Luís Filipe Barros

    Luís Filipe Barros Cast

  23. Photo of João Peste

    João Peste Cast

  24. Photo of Paula Ferreira

    Paula Ferreira Cast

  25. Photo of António Freitas

    António Freitas Cast

  26. Photo of Manuel Falcão

    Manuel Falcão Cast

  27. Photo of Sónia Tavares

    Sónia Tavares Cast

  28. Photo of Nuno Gonçalves

    Nuno Gonçalves Cast