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  1. Photo of Yuli Fogelman

    Yuli Fogelman Screenplay and Cinematography

  2. Photo of Hüseyn Nacafov

    Hüseyn Nacafov Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ağarza Quliyev

    Ağarza Quliyev Screenplay and Director

  4. Photo of Tamilla Rüstamova

    Tamilla Rüstamova Cast

  5. Photo of Hacimurad Yegizarov

    Hacimurad Yegizarov Cast

  6. Photo of Lütfali Abdullayev

    Lütfali Abdullayev Cast

  7. Photo of Nasiba Zeynalova

    Nasiba Zeynalova Cast

  8. Photo of Maleyka Ağazada

    Maleyka Ağazada Cast

  9. Photo of Başir Safaroğlu

    Başir Safaroğlu Cast

  10. Photo of Hacıbaba Bağırov

    Hacıbaba Bağırov Cast

  11. Photo of Sayavuş Aslan

    Sayavuş Aslan Cast

  12. Photo of Suğra Bağırzada

    Suğra Bağırzada Cast

  13. Photo of Bahadur Aliyev

    Bahadur Aliyev Cast

  14. Photo of Azizağa Qasımov

    Azizağa Qasımov Cast

  15. Photo of Naciba Behbudova

    Naciba Behbudova Cast

  16. Photo of Mammadsadıq Nuriyev

    Mammadsadıq Nuriyev Cast

  17. Photo of Fazil Salayev

    Fazil Salayev Cast

  18. Photo of Ramiz Malikov

    Ramiz Malikov Cast

  19. Photo of Hacı İsmayılov

    Hacı İsmayılov Cast

  20. Photo of Mirzabala Malikov

    Mirzabala Malikov Cast

  21. Photo of Aliheydar Hasanzada

    Aliheydar Hasanzada Cast

  22. Photo of Süleyman Alasgarov

    Süleyman Alasgarov Music and Screenplay

  23. Photo of Kamil Nacafzada

    Kamil Nacafzada Production Design

  24. Photo of Şamil Karimov

    Şamil Karimov Sound