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  1. Photo of Franz Schnyder

    Franz Schnyder Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Richard Schweizer

    Richard Schweizer Screenplay

  3. Photo of Werner Düggelin

    Werner Düggelin Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jeremias Gotthelf

    Jeremias Gotthelf Screenplay

  5. Photo of Hannes Schmidhauser

    Hannes Schmidhauser Cast

  6. Photo of Liselotte Pulver

    Liselotte Pulver Cast

  7. Photo of Heinrich Gretler

    Heinrich Gretler Cast

  8. Photo of Gertrud Jauch

    Gertrud Jauch Cast

  9. Photo of Emil Hegetschweiler

    Emil Hegetschweiler Cast

  10. Photo of Hedda Koppé

    Hedda Koppé Cast

  11. Photo of Marianne Matti

    Marianne Matti Cast

  12. Photo of Erwin Kohlund

    Erwin Kohlund Cast

  13. Photo of Stephanie Glaser

    Stephanie Glaser Cast

  14. Photo of Alfred Rasser

    Alfred Rasser Cast

  15. Photo of Elisabeth Schnell

    Elisabeth Schnell Cast

  16. Photo of Linda Geiser

    Linda Geiser Cast

  17. Photo of Anneliese Egger

    Anneliese Egger Cast

  18. Photo of Max Haufler

    Max Haufler Cast

  19. Photo of Peter Markus

    Peter Markus Cast

  20. Photo of Robert Bichler

    Robert Bichler Cast

  21. Photo of Adolf Bähler

    Adolf Bähler Cast

  22. Photo of Anna Burkhalter

    Anna Burkhalter Cast

  23. Photo of Christina Lanz

    Christina Lanz Cast

  24. Photo of Walter Lapp

    Walter Lapp Cast

  25. Photo of Emil Berna

    Emil Berna Cinematography

  26. Photo of Robert Blum

    Robert Blum Music

  27. Photo of Oscar Düby

    Oscar Düby Producer

  28. Photo of Hans Heinrich Egger

    Hans Heinrich Egger Editing

  29. Photo of Hermann Haller

    Hermann Haller Editing

  30. Photo of Kurt Hugentobler

    Kurt Hugentobler Sound