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  1. Photo of Augusto Tamayo San Román

    Augusto Tamayo San Román Director

  2. Photo of Kevin Tent

    Kevin Tent Director

  3. Photo of Len Jenkin

    Len Jenkin Screenplay

  4. Photo of Dan Kleinman

    Dan Kleinman Screenplay

  5. Photo of Dack Rambo

    Dack Rambo Cast

  6. Photo of Clare Beresford

    Clare Beresford Cast

  7. Photo of Meshach Taylor

    Meshach Taylor Cast

  8. Photo of Mark Bringelson

    Mark Bringelson Cast

  9. Photo of Charles Dougherty

    Charles Dougherty Cast

  10. Photo of Ramsay Ross

    Ramsay Ross Cast

  11. Photo of Diana Quijano

    Diana Quijano Cast

  12. Photo of Orlando Sacha

    Orlando Sacha Cast

  13. Photo of Ramón García

    Ramón García Cast

  14. Photo of Carlos Cano de la Fuente

    Carlos Cano de la Fuente Cast

  15. Photo of Cusi Barrio

    Cusi Barrio Cinematography

  16. Photo of Kevin Klingler

    Kevin Klingler Music

  17. Photo of Terry Plumeri

    Terry Plumeri Music

  18. Photo of Ed Tomney

    Ed Tomney Music

  19. Photo of Mike Elliott

    Mike Elliott Producer

  20. Photo of Luis Llosa

    Luis Llosa Producer

  21. Photo of Sally Mattison

    Sally Mattison Producer

  22. Photo of Roger Corman

    Roger Corman Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Robert L. Goodman

    Robert L. Goodman Editing

  24. Photo of Dan Schalk

    Dan Schalk Editing

  25. Photo of Roderick Davis

    Roderick Davis Visual Effects