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  1. Photo of Joseph Strick

    Joseph Strick Director, Producer, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Fred Haines

    Fred Haines Screenplay

  3. Photo of James Joyce

    James Joyce Screenplay

  4. Photo of Maurice Roëves

    Maurice Roëves Cast

  5. Photo of Barbara Jefford

    Barbara Jefford Cast

  6. Photo of Milo O'Shea

    Milo O'Shea Cast

  7. Photo of T.P. McKenna

    T.P. McKenna Cast

  8. Photo of Martin Dempsey

    Martin Dempsey Cast

  9. Photo of Sheila O'Sullivan

    Sheila O'Sullivan Cast

  10. Photo of Graham Lines

    Graham Lines Cast

  11. Photo of Walter Reade

    Walter Reade Executive Producer

  12. Photo of Stanley Myers

    Stanley Myers Music

  13. Photo of Wolfgang Suschitzky

    Wolfgang Suschitzky Cinematography

  14. Photo of Reginald Mills

    Reginald Mills Editing

  15. Photo of Christian Wangler

    Christian Wangler Sound

  16. Photo of Peter Mayock

    Peter Mayock Cast

  17. Photo of Fionnula Flanagan

    Fionnula Flanagan Cast

  18. Photo of Anna Manahan

    Anna Manahan Cast

  19. Photo of Maureen Toal

    Maureen Toal Cast

  20. Photo of Maureen Potter

    Maureen Potter Cast

  21. Photo of Chris Curran

    Chris Curran Cast

  22. Photo of Maire Hastings

    Maire Hastings Cast

  23. Photo of Eddie Golden

    Eddie Golden Cast

  24. Photo of Joe Lynch

    Joe Lynch Cast

  25. Photo of David Kelly

    David Kelly Cast

  26. Photo of Graham Probst

    Graham Probst Production Design