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  1. Photo of Manuel Mozos

    Manuel Mozos Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of João Pedro Bénard

    João Pedro Bénard Producer

  3. Photo of Jorge Silva Melo

    Jorge Silva Melo Screenplay

  4. Photo of Manuela Viegas

    Manuela Viegas Screenplay, Editing

  5. Photo of Edgar Pêra

    Edgar Pêra Screenplay

  6. Photo of José António Loureiro

    José António Loureiro Cinematography

  7. Photo of Joaquim Pinto

    Joaquim Pinto Sound

  8. Photo of Rodrigo Leão

    Rodrigo Leão Music

  9. Photo of Canto e Castro

    Canto e Castro Cast

  10. Photo of Pedro Hestnes

    Pedro Hestnes Cast

  11. Photo of Sandra Garcia

    Sandra Garcia Cast

  12. Photo of Carlos de Almeida Ribeiro

    Carlos de Almeida Ribeiro Cast

  13. Photo of Sandra Faleiro

    Sandra Faleiro Cast

  14. Photo of Cristina Carvalhal

    Cristina Carvalhal Cast

  15. Photo of José Pedro Gomes

    José Pedro Gomes Cast

  16. Photo of Cremilda Gil

    Cremilda Gil Cast

  17. Photo of Manuela Cassola

    Manuela Cassola Cast

  18. Photo of Amílcar Botica

    Amílcar Botica Cast

  19. Photo of José Mora Ramos

    José Mora Ramos Cast

  20. Photo of Teresa Faria

    Teresa Faria Cast

  21. Photo of Miguel Mendes

    Miguel Mendes Cast

  22. Photo of João Canijo

    João Canijo Cast

  23. Photo of Luís Alvarães

    Luís Alvarães Cast

  24. Photo of Glicínia Quartin

    Glicínia Quartin Cast

  25. Photo of Alberto Seixas Santos

    Alberto Seixas Santos Cast