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  1. Log Lady's rating of the film Umberto D.

    Warm, genuine, simple, and so heartbreaking. The subtlety of it all and the masterful avoidance of schmaltz is just absolutely fantastic. The story of Umberto (and his dog!) is full of heart and life, and I think my puffy eyes after a night of crying tell a story, too.

  2. LauraPalmer's rating of the film Umberto D.

    Crying. Rewatched and re-loved. You don’t know how much I love this film. Umberto D. changed my life in a way I never expected. Masterpiece.

  3. 'king Harold's rating of the film Umberto D.

    The bit where he tries to hold his hand out to beg, is one of the most powerful scenes I’ve ever scene in any film.

  4. mis marg's rating of the film Umberto D.

    Living lives of quiet desperation in Rome of 1952. Touching connection of the maid with the tenant who faces privations multiplied by a thoughtless landlady who has his room wrecked in her anxiety to get rid of him. How potent the effect of selling off his precious things to raise the missing rent, with the emotion of being alone and unwanted. Heartrending to realise he has run out of cries at his choice

  5. Ark V's rating of the film Umberto D.

    A beautiful film of a sweet old man in tough times. As much as I didn't mind it's charming conclusion I was hoping for something bolder.

  6. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Umberto D.

    Such a simple tale, one man trying to figure out how he will pay the rent money he owes and how he will keep his beloved dog at his side, but this turns into something simplistically beautiful and moving. Director Vittorio De Sica guides his leading man, Carlo Battisti, to a point that will have many viewers close to tears. Not me though. No way. Nuh uh. Okay, yeah, I almost totally broke down.

  7. DanielSpeight's rating of the film Umberto D.

  8. Mike Jempson's rating of the film Umberto D.

    Impressive. Beautifully acted and shot. The bathos of loneliness and true social realism. I'm not a fan of dogs but "I hope Filke won an Oscar!

  9. phoebedowling's rating of the film Umberto D.

    Amazing how simple this film is, and yet how extraordinarily beautiful. (Also, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. My two weaknesses: The elderly and dogs??? I’m a wreck)

  10. Steven Dawson's rating of the film Umberto D.

    An understated film that wonderfully explores the lack of peace, privacy, dignity and control that poverty brings.

  11. mirklete's rating of the film Umberto D.

    Profound exploration of the life of a man. The gradual, inexorable chipping away at the meaning of his life is mirrored by the potential destruction of the maid's, in both cases spurned by a callous society that is illustrated by the grossness of the landlady and her mates. The scene with the couple who 'looked after' dogs had me squirming with horror at the dog's potential fate, that woman is going to haunt me!

  12. Myriam Raja's rating of the film Umberto D.

    Classic masterpiece - great for letting bottled up tears out

  13. P D Dawson's rating of the film Umberto D.

    A tender, warm, yet despairing film about poverty and the battles for survival in a world that is cold and stark, yet not without glimpses of charm. Take for example the wonderful humility of Maria, a young pregnant girl who is herself in trouble, but finds the time to help him. Maria acts as a beacon of light, shining through a world otherwise devoid of hope. In the end, the simple love of an animal is all he needs.

  14. ecstatic truth's rating of the film Umberto D.

    It could have been 5 stars but I'm more of a cat person tbh

  15. Francesca Gavin's rating of the film Umberto D.

    Was bawling with tears. Incredibly shot, heartbreaking from the first moment.

  16. FISCHER's rating of the film Umberto D.

    Une oeuvre phare du cinéma néo-réaliste italien, ce film incontournable et puissamment exemplaire reste un grand moment du Septième Art...

  17. Morris Bros.'s rating of the film Umberto D.

  18. MisterColo93's rating of the film Umberto D.

  19. Arf's rating of the film Umberto D.

  20. josh scam's rating of the film Umberto D.

    a tender lament for the poverty of the human spirit

  21. Barrett.'s rating of the film Umberto D.

    In my opinion the best scene doesn't even involve Umberto - the sequence with Maria as she gets up one morning and heads into the kitchen and begins her morning routine, a tear rolls down her cheek as she remembers she's pregnant and the uncertainty it brings. Fantastic filmmaking, especially the shot looking in at her from the window.

  22. Luca Casilli's rating of the film Umberto D.

  23. Alvise Narduzzi's rating of the film Umberto D.

    Se c'è chi dice che anche le piccole cose possono dare vita a delle grandi storie, Vittorio De Sica dev'essere uno di questi. Il sorano racconta la battaglia quotidiana dell'indigente Umberto contro gli oneri del pensionato comune, alleviati solo dall'amore per il suo cane pezzato e la complicità di un'ingenua domestica. La scena dell'elemosina è una delle più significative scene che abbia avuto il piacere di vedere.

  24. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Umberto D.

    De Sica somete de peripecias a sus personajes y llena de angustia al espectador. Una ruta hacia la desesperanza sobre un solitario hombre que por cierto se va tropezando con la indiferencia u otras tragedias, siendo la más curiosa la de una joven en medio de un dilema que la embarga, pero que por momentos le es indiferente. Es una generación negligente. Un final cálido que cura el alma, reflexivo, humano, una lección

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