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  1. Photo of Jacob Berger

    Jacob Berger Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Aude Py

    Aude Py Screenplay

  3. Photo of Michel Fessler

    Michel Fessler Screenplay

  4. Photo of Bruno Ganz

    Bruno Ganz Cast

  5. Photo of André Wilms

    André Wilms Cast

  6. Photo of Aurélien Patouillard

    Aurélien Patouillard Cast

  7. Photo of Paul Laurent

    Paul Laurent Cast

  8. Photo of Baptiste Coustenoble

    Baptiste Coustenoble Cast

  9. Photo of Steven Matthews

    Steven Matthews Cast

  10. Photo of Elina Löwensohn

    Elina Löwensohn Cast

  11. Photo of Luciano Tovoli

    Luciano Tovoli Cinematography

  12. Photo of Manfred Eicher

    Manfred Eicher Music

  13. Photo of Ruth Waldburger

    Ruth Waldburger Executive Producer and Producer

  14. Photo of Sarah Anderson

    Sarah Anderson Editing

  15. Photo of Henri Maïkoff

    Henri Maïkoff Sound

  16. Photo of Gabriel Hafner

    Gabriel Hafner Sound

  17. Photo of Leonie Zykan

    Leonie Zykan Costume Design