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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Malkin's rating of the film Un pays sans bon sens!

    Breathtakingly poetic look at the indelible importance of the collective identity. Perrault's documentaries always paint Québécois culture so vibrantly and searingly that now, when he intersperses looks at the people and the landscapes they inhabit with political dialogue, his case is almost undeniable. And yet many of the questions raised apply to English Canada too, a country regularly told that it doesn't exist.

  2. Eloi MV's rating of the film Un pays sans bon sens!

    Cinema-verite goes political and a key movie to learn about nations without country in general and Quebec in particular. Quebec politics and history crash course in 2 hours, while it also speaks about native and Bretons, and can relate to Scottish, Catalonia or or any region in the same situation. Available at for free, but in french without subtitles.