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  1. Photo of André Delvaux

    André Delvaux Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Johan Daisne

    Johan Daisne Screenplay

  3. Photo of Yves Montand

    Yves Montand Cast

  4. Photo of Anouk Aimée

    Anouk Aimée Cast

  5. Photo of Adriana Bogdan

    Adriana Bogdan Cast

  6. Photo of Hector Camerlynck

    Hector Camerlynck Cast

  7. Photo of François Beukelaers

    François Beukelaers Cast

  8. Photo of Michael Gough

    Michael Gough Cast

  9. Photo of Senne Rouffaer

    Senne Rouffaer Cast

  10. Photo of Domien De Gruyter

    Domien De Gruyter Cast

  11. Photo of Jan Peré

    Jan Peré Cast

  12. Photo of Nicole Debonne

    Nicole Debonne Cast

  13. Photo of Wilfried Coppens

    Wilfried Coppens Cast

  14. Photo of Greta Van Langhendonck

    Greta Van Langhendonck Cast

  15. Photo of Patrick Conrad

    Patrick Conrad Cast

  16. Photo of Ghislain Cloquet

    Ghislain Cloquet Cinematography

  17. Photo of Frédéric Devreese

    Frédéric Devreese Music

  18. Photo of Claude Pignot

    Claude Pignot Production Design

  19. Photo of Mag Bodard

    Mag Bodard Producer

  20. Photo of Suzanne Baron

    Suzanne Baron Editing