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  1. Chihao Tsang's rating of the film Unbreakable

    This was the first Shalayman film I saw in the early 2000s on dvd. Still a solid film

  2. soymilky's rating of the film Unbreakable

    Fairly good. I felt like the run time went longer than it had to - at some points during the movie I started to play with my hair and wonder what to have for dinner tonight. I like the concept and the tie-in with superheroes, but there were certain scenes that felt like they didn't need to be there.

  3. SAMMAX's rating of the film Unbreakable

  4. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Unbreakable

    An intelligent origin comic book movie equal to a graphic novel story. Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson are spot on perfect in this film. The ending in this film surprised me more than the one in "The Sixth Sense" probably because I wasn't expecting a twist and it is probably my favorite film so far from the director with a lot of great dialogue and acting.

  5. gld48's rating of the film Unbreakable

    Saw it at age 10 and it made an impression on me - still holds up. Shymalan has his faults (WHAAAAAT?!) but he still knows his way around a film. He always has interesting films but none top this one. Go back and see it and stop your sneering.

  6. Mr. Gumby's rating of the film Unbreakable

    Unbreakable is a super hero movie because the narrative talks, in a subtle way, about the characteristics of those stories in american comics, like the discovery of the powers and the confrontation with a villain that has much more connections with the hero than we could inagone. And M. Night Shyamalan used that cliché plot points to create a simple and effective movie that it's impossible to find in the middle...

  7. FISCHER's rating of the film Unbreakable

    Second opus fantastique de l'étonnant metteur en scène M. Night Shyamalan, qualitativement légèrement en retrait par rapport à sa réalisation précédente...

  8. anarresti's rating of the film Unbreakable

    Interesting how the theme is dealt with, the superhero power becomes a narrative about self-discovery and acceptance of your own path and personal choices. There are moments of very good cinema, like a dating scene or the moments on the rain, and rain is important for the plot. Another nice one for Shyamalan, maybe an outsider, in his cinematography but still worth watching.

  9. teler_thriller's rating of the film Unbreakable

  10. Raymond Likes Subtitles's rating of the film Unbreakable

  11. NUGA's rating of the film Unbreakable

    A different, more grounded take on the superhero genre mixed in Shyamalan's signature genre thriller. It's a bit of both but lacks either too much. Overall the intrigue endures 5 minutes, and then slowly drags us to a themed wannabe reflection on hero tropes and normality all together. It's worth the few moments that are slightly memorable.

  12. ap's rating of the film Unbreakable

    The 100-minutes Act I

  13. Luis Pires's rating of the film Unbreakable

    Refreshing low-key movie amidst all this super-hero stuff coming out now. However, there was one thing I didn't get; were racism and rape not serious enough for him to get involved or...?

  14. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Unbreakable

    Good effort. Another adult superhero movie that's worth your time. Recommended.

  15. lidiishere's rating of the film Unbreakable

    people say it's good (and deep).... but while I can't say it's bad, I don't really get why this one gets so many applauses, hmm

  16. Duncan Gray's rating of the film Unbreakable

    However maligned/divisive/dubiously canonized Shyamalan has become since, he was everything his supporters claim in this moody origin story. With a depth of soul, layers of meaning, and hardly a wrong note, he spots the similarities between Jesus Christ and Superman to tie spiritual quests and comic book logic together—a gorgeous balance of the outlandish and the emotionally high-minded that he hasn't equaled since.

  17. Amandio Filipe Moura's rating of the film Unbreakable

  18. dianadhm's rating of the film Unbreakable

    It seems to me that Shyamalan has a habit for directing/writing great plots and catching good actors in films that seem to be doing alright until the last half an hour or so when everything goes to cringe. Cringe-worthy is how I would define it, when he seems to get bored at one point and somehow wants to spice it up (a bit too much for my taste) with overly-dramatic monologues and out of place ending-scenes.

  19. unearthly_red's rating of the film Unbreakable

    the camera work made me dizzy and, like, is anything from shyamalan ever really surprising or new?

  20. - Caltiki -'s rating of the film Unbreakable

  21. Lourenço Crespo's rating of the film Unbreakable

    "tem cenas cool mas é um bocado silly" - Mary

  22. Carl Penguin's rating of the film Unbreakable

    "Unbreakable, what, you thought they'd call me Mr. Glass?" ooooo Kanye

  23. João Carlos's rating of the film Unbreakable

    Uma releitura das histórias de super herói, mas também um comentário sobre heroísmo em si: o pai-herói, o marido-herói... A figura masculina, aqui, é colocada em jogo na contraposição entre os dois personagens principais - vilão e herói -, dado que seus atributos físicos (ou masculinos) são pontos fundamentais na construção de suas personalidades. Obra-prima.

  24. giovanni's rating of the film Unbreakable

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