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  1. Photo of William Robert Daly

    William Robert Daly Director

  2. Photo of Edward McWade

    Edward McWade Screenplay

  3. Photo of George L. Aiken

    George L. Aiken Screenplay

  4. Photo of Harriet Beecher Stowe

    Harriet Beecher Stowe Screenplay

  5. Photo of Sam Lucas

    Sam Lucas Cast

  6. Photo of Walter Hitchcock

    Walter Hitchcock Cast

  7. Photo of Hattie Delaro

    Hattie Delaro Cast

  8. Photo of Master Abernathy

    Master Abernathy Cast

  9. Photo of Teresa Michelena

    Teresa Michelena Cast

  10. Photo of Irving Cummings

    Irving Cummings Cast

  11. Photo of Paul Scardon

    Paul Scardon Cast

  12. Photo of Marie Eline

    Marie Eline Cast

  13. Photo of Garfield Thompson

    Garfield Thompson Cast

  14. Photo of Roy Applegate

    Roy Applegate Cast

  15. Photo of Boots Wall

    Boots Wall Cast

  16. Photo of Irvin Willat

    Irvin Willat Cinematography

  17. Photo of J.V. Ritchey

    J.V. Ritchey Producer