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  1. Photo of Robert Greenwald

    Robert Greenwald Director and Producer

  2. Photo of David Albright

    David Albright Self

  3. Photo of Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Self

  4. Photo of Milt Bearden

    Milt Bearden Self

  5. Photo of Rand Beers

    Rand Beers Self

  6. Photo of Bill Christison

    Bill Christison Self

  7. Photo of David Corn

    David Corn Self

  8. Photo of Philip Coyle

    Philip Coyle Self

  9. Photo of John Dean

    John Dean Self

  10. Photo of Patrick Eddington

    Patrick Eddington Self

  11. Photo of Chas Freeman

    Chas Freeman Self

  12. Photo of Graham Fuller

    Graham Fuller Self

  13. Photo of Mel Goodman

    Mel Goodman Self

  14. Photo of David Kay

    David Kay Self

  15. Photo of John Brady Kiesling

    John Brady Kiesling Self

  16. Photo of Karen Kwiatkowski

    Karen Kwiatkowski Self

  17. Photo of Patrick Lang

    Patrick Lang Self

  18. Photo of David C. MacMichael

    David C. MacMichael Self

  19. Photo of Ray McGovern

    Ray McGovern Self

  20. Photo of Scott Ritter

    Scott Ritter Self

  21. Photo of Clare Short

    Clare Short Self

  22. Photo of Stanfield Turner

    Stanfield Turner Self

  23. Photo of Henry Waxman

    Henry Waxman Self

  24. Photo of Thomas E. White

    Thomas E. White Self

  25. Photo of Joseph C. Wilson

    Joseph C. Wilson Self

  26. Photo of Mary Ann Wright

    Mary Ann Wright Self

  27. Photo of Peter Zimmerman

    Peter Zimmerman Self

  28. Photo of Richard Ray Pérez

    Richard Ray Pérez Cinematography

  29. Photo of Brad Chiet

    Brad Chiet Music

  30. Photo of Jim Ervin

    Jim Ervin Music

  31. Photo of Mars Lasar

    Mars Lasar Music

  32. Photo of Philippe Diaz

    Philippe Diaz Producer

  33. Photo of Kathryn McArdle

    Kathryn McArdle Producer

  34. Photo of Devin Smith

    Devin Smith Producer

  35. Photo of Chris M. Gordon

    Chris M. Gordon Editing

  36. Photo of Kimberly Ray

    Kimberly Ray Editing