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  1. Photo of Jonathan Zarantonello

    Jonathan Zarantonello Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Franco Trentalance

    Franco Trentalance Cast

  3. Photo of Cristina Mazzuzzi

    Cristina Mazzuzzi Cast

  4. Photo of Morena Ciotoli

    Morena Ciotoli Cast

  5. Photo of Fausto Zulli

    Fausto Zulli Cast

  6. Photo of Lisa Corleone

    Lisa Corleone Cast

  7. Photo of Giovanni Canevari

    Giovanni Canevari Cinematography

  8. Photo of Aldo De Scalzi

    Aldo De Scalzi Music

  9. Photo of Pivio De Scalzi

    Pivio De Scalzi Music

  10. Photo of Massimo Santomarco

    Massimo Santomarco Production Design

  11. Photo of Beppe Attene

    Beppe Attene Producer

  12. Photo of Fernando Caso

    Fernando Caso Sound