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  1. Photo of Godfrey Ho

    Godfrey Ho Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Steve Harper

    Steve Harper Screenplay

  3. Photo of Robert Vassar

    Robert Vassar Screenplay

  4. Photo of Tai Yim

    Tai Yim Screenplay and Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Cynthia Rothrock

    Cynthia Rothrock Cast

  6. Photo of Don Niam

    Don Niam Cast

  7. Photo of John Miller

    John Miller Cast

  8. Photo of Donna Jason

    Donna Jason Cast

  9. Photo of Sunny David

    Sunny David Cast

  10. Photo of Emille Davazac

    Emille Davazac Cast

  11. Photo of Hang Yip Yim

    Hang Yip Yim Cast

  12. Photo of Richard Yuen

    Richard Yuen Cast

  13. Photo of Gerald Klein

    Gerald Klein Cast

  14. Photo of William Buckley

    William Buckley Cast

  15. Photo of Mike Sutton

    Mike Sutton Cast

  16. Photo of Michael S. Walter

    Michael S. Walter Cast

  17. Photo of Linn Thai

    Linn Thai Cast

  18. Photo of Shelton Lee

    Shelton Lee Cast

  19. Photo of Scott Shelton

    Scott Shelton Cast

  20. Photo of Philip J. Cook

    Philip J. Cook Cinematography

  21. Photo of Todd M. Hahn

    Todd M. Hahn Music

  22. Photo of Sin Yim

    Sin Yim Production Design

  23. Photo of John R. Ellis

    John R. Ellis Producer

  24. Photo of Jeremy Cheung

    Jeremy Cheung Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Grand Lee

    Grand Lee Editing