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  1. Photo of Vitaliy Dudin

    Vitaliy Dudin Director

  2. Photo of Igor Furmanyuk

    Igor Furmanyuk Cast

  3. Photo of Anna Yanovskaya

    Anna Yanovskaya Cast

  4. Photo of Nina Usatova

    Nina Usatova Cast

  5. Photo of Juozas Budraitis

    Juozas Budraitis Cast

  6. Photo of Boris Lagoda

    Boris Lagoda Cast

  7. Photo of Georgi Volchek

    Georgi Volchek Cast

  8. Photo of Yelena Vnukova

    Yelena Vnukova Cast

  9. Photo of Mikhail Meleshko

    Mikhail Meleshko Cast

  10. Photo of Vladimir Shelestov

    Vladimir Shelestov Cast

  11. Photo of Galina Kukhalskaya

    Galina Kukhalskaya Cast

  12. Photo of Aleksandr Sutskover

    Aleksandr Sutskover Cast

  13. Photo of Viktor Merezhko

    Viktor Merezhko Cast and Screenplay

  14. Photo of Yuri Cherkasov

    Yuri Cherkasov Cast

  15. Photo of Viktor Molchan

    Viktor Molchan Cast

  16. Photo of Vladimir Kalashnikov

    Vladimir Kalashnikov Cinematography

  17. Photo of Vladimir Ryabov

    Vladimir Ryabov Music

  18. Photo of Yevgeni Ignatyev

    Yevgeni Ignatyev Production Design

  19. Photo of Olga Reshetnikova

    Olga Reshetnikova Editing

  20. Photo of Vasili Dyomkin

    Vasili Dyomkin Sound