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  1. Photo of Kevin Allen

    Kevin Allen Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Michael Breen

    Michael Breen Screenplay

  3. Photo of Murray Lachlan Young

    Murray Lachlan Young Screenplay

  4. Photo of Dylan Thomas

    Dylan Thomas Play

  5. Photo of Steffan Rhodri

    Steffan Rhodri Cast

  6. Photo of Julian Lewis Jones

    Julian Lewis Jones Cast

  7. Photo of Di Botcher

    Di Botcher Cast

  8. Photo of Charlotte Church

    Charlotte Church Cast

  9. Photo of Llŷr Ifans

    Llŷr Ifans Cast

  10. Photo of Sarah Lloyd Gregory

    Sarah Lloyd Gregory Cast

  11. Photo of Sara Sugarman

    Sara Sugarman Cast

  12. Photo of Nia Roberts

    Nia Roberts Cast

  13. Photo of Sharon Morgan

    Sharon Morgan Cast

  14. Photo of Lisa Palfrey

    Lisa Palfrey Cast

  15. Photo of Aneirin Hughes

    Aneirin Hughes Cast

  16. Photo of Bradley Freegard

    Bradley Freegard Cast

  17. Photo of Rhodri Meilir

    Rhodri Meilir Cast

  18. Photo of Helen Griffin

    Helen Griffin Cast

  19. Photo of Nicholas McGaughey

    Nicholas McGaughey Cast

  20. Photo of Carys Eleri

    Carys Eleri Cast

  21. Photo of Habib Nasib Nader

    Habib Nasib Nader Cast

  22. Photo of Sue Roderick

    Sue Roderick Cast

  23. Photo of Boyd Clack

    Boyd Clack Cast

  24. Photo of Andy Hollis

    Andy Hollis Cinematography

  25. Photo of Mark Thomas

    Mark Thomas Music

  26. Photo of Marie Lanna

    Marie Lanna Production Design

  27. Photo of Mark Raggett

    Mark Raggett Production Design

  28. Photo of Ceinwen Wilkinson

    Ceinwen Wilkinson Production Design

  29. Photo of Rhys Ifans

    Rhys Ifans Producer and Cast

  30. Photo of Stephen Malit

    Stephen Malit Producer

  31. Photo of Ron Jones

    Ron Jones Executive Producer

  32. Photo of Gwawr Martha Lloyd

    Gwawr Martha Lloyd Executive Producer

  33. Photo of Hannah Thomas

    Hannah Thomas Executive Producer

  34. Photo of Sara Jones

    Sara Jones Editing

  35. Photo of Charlotte Mitchell

    Charlotte Mitchell Costume Design