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  1. Photo of Andrew Davis

    Andrew Davis Director

  2. Photo of Gary W. Goldstein

    Gary W. Goldstein Executive Producer

  3. Photo of J. F. Lawton

    J. F. Lawton Executive Producer and Screenplay

  4. Photo of Arnon Milchan

    Arnon Milchan Producer

  5. Photo of Steven Reuther

    Steven Reuther Producer

  6. Photo of Steven Seagal

    Steven Seagal Producer and Cast

  7. Photo of Joel Chernoff

    Joel Chernoff Producer

  8. Photo of Frank Tidy

    Frank Tidy Cinematography

  9. Photo of Tommy Lee Jones

    Tommy Lee Jones Cast

  10. Photo of Gary Busey

    Gary Busey Cast

  11. Photo of Erika Eleniak

    Erika Eleniak Cast

  12. Photo of Colm Meaney

    Colm Meaney Cast

  13. Photo of Patrick O'Neal

    Patrick O'Neal Cast

  14. Photo of Andy Romano

    Andy Romano Cast

  15. Photo of Nick Mancuso

    Nick Mancuso Cast

  16. Photo of Damian Chapa

    Damian Chapa Cast

  17. Photo of Troy Evans

    Troy Evans Cast

  18. Photo of David McKnight

    David McKnight Cast

  19. Photo of Lee Hinton

    Lee Hinton Cast

  20. Photo of Glenn Morshower

    Glenn Morshower Cast

  21. Photo of Leo Alexander

    Leo Alexander Cast

  22. Photo of John Rottger

    John Rottger Cast

  23. Photo of Brad Rea

    Brad Rea Cast

  24. Photo of Don Brochu

    Don Brochu Editing

  25. Photo of Robert A. Ferretti

    Robert A. Ferretti Editing

  26. Photo of Dov Hoenig

    Dov Hoenig Editing

  27. Photo of Dennis Virkler

    Dennis Virkler Editing

  28. Photo of Gary Chang

    Gary Chang Music

  29. Photo of Bill Kenney

    Bill Kenney Production Design