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  1. Photo of Christos Georgiou

    Christos Georgiou Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Panos Papahadzis

    Panos Papahadzis Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Sam Taylor

    Sam Taylor Producer

  4. Photo of Antigone Gavriatopoulou

    Antigone Gavriatopoulou Producer

  5. Photo of George Lykiardopoulos

    George Lykiardopoulos Producer

  6. Photo of Pantelis Mitropoulos

    Pantelis Mitropoulos Producer

  7. Photo of George Hadjineophytou

    George Hadjineophytou Music

  8. Photo of Roman Osin

    Roman Osin Cinematography

  9. Photo of Annabel Ware

    Annabel Ware Editing

  10. Photo of Sosse Eskidjian

    Sosse Eskidjian Production Design

  11. Photo of Mirto Alikaki

    Mirto Alikaki Sound

  12. Photo of Akis Sakellariou

    Akis Sakellariou Cast

  13. Photo of Stella Fyrogeni

    Stella Fyrogeni Cast

  14. Photo of Nefeli Papadaki

    Nefeli Papadaki Cast

  15. Photo of Christina Paulidou

    Christina Paulidou Cast

  16. Photo of Ahilleas Grammatikopoulos

    Ahilleas Grammatikopoulos Cast

  17. Photo of Neoklis Neokleous

    Neoklis Neokleous Cast

  18. Photo of Andros Kritikos

    Andros Kritikos Cast

  19. Photo of Marinos Hadjivassiliou

    Marinos Hadjivassiliou Cast

  20. Photo of Stelios Onoufriou

    Stelios Onoufriou Cast

  21. Photo of Sotos Stavrakis

    Sotos Stavrakis Cast