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  1. Photo of Vincente Minnelli

    Vincente Minnelli Director

  2. Photo of Thelma Strabel

    Thelma Strabel Screenplay

  3. Photo of Edward Chodorov

    Edward Chodorov Screenplay

  4. Photo of George Oppenheimer

    George Oppenheimer Screenplay

  5. Photo of Marguerite Roberts

    Marguerite Roberts Screenplay

  6. Photo of Katharine Hepburn

    Katharine Hepburn Cast

  7. Photo of Robert Taylor

    Robert Taylor Cast

  8. Photo of Robert Mitchum

    Robert Mitchum Cast

  9. Photo of Edmund Gwenn

    Edmund Gwenn Cast

  10. Photo of Marjorie Main

    Marjorie Main Cast

  11. Photo of Jayne Meadows

    Jayne Meadows Cast

  12. Photo of Clinton Sundberg

    Clinton Sundberg Cast

  13. Photo of Dan Tobin

    Dan Tobin Cast

  14. Photo of Kathryn Card

    Kathryn Card Cast

  15. Photo of Leigh Whipper

    Leigh Whipper Cast

  16. Photo of Charles Trowbridge

    Charles Trowbridge Cast

  17. Photo of James Westerfield

    James Westerfield Cast

  18. Photo of Billy McClain

    Billy McClain Cast

  19. Photo of Karl Freund

    Karl Freund Cinematography

  20. Photo of Herbert Stothart

    Herbert Stothart Music

  21. Photo of Randall Duell

    Randall Duell Production Design

  22. Photo of Cedric Gibbons

    Cedric Gibbons Production Design

  23. Photo of Pandro S. Berman

    Pandro S. Berman Producer

  24. Photo of Ferris Webster

    Ferris Webster Editing

  25. Photo of Douglas Shearer

    Douglas Shearer Sound

  26. Photo of Irene

    Irene Costume Design