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  1. Photo of Hsu Yu-Lung

    Hsu Yu-Lung Director

  2. Photo of Chen Li-Yun

    Chen Li-Yun Cast

  3. Photo of Sha Ma

    Sha Ma Cast

  4. Photo of Sing Chen

    Sing Chen Cast

  5. Photo of Paul Chang

    Paul Chang Cast

  6. Photo of Hung Lieh Chen

    Hung Lieh Chen Cast

  7. Photo of Chen Fu-Cheng

    Chen Fu-Cheng Cast

  8. Photo of Chiang Da-Chuan

    Chiang Da-Chuan Cast

  9. Photo of Shao Hua Chu

    Shao Hua Chu Cast

  10. Photo of Yuan Chuan

    Yuan Chuan Cast

  11. Photo of Hsu Pei-Chun

    Hsu Pei-Chun Cast

  12. Photo of Ti-Men Kan

    Ti-Men Kan Cast

  13. Photo of Kao Cheng-Peng

    Kao Cheng-Peng Cast

  14. Photo of Lai Chen

    Lai Chen Cast

  15. Photo of Lan Yun

    Lan Yun Cast

  16. Photo of Liu Wen-Tseng

    Liu Wen-Tseng Cast