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  1. Epinephrin's rating of the film Undertow

    I loved it. Nice story, i think one of the first ghost stories that I like. So sensitive and so nice and so real.

  2. Julius GL's rating of the film Undertow

  3. Gregoria Samba's rating of the film Undertow

    i am positively surprised actually how a (provincial) prayerful peruvian community reacts to homosexual adultery. It is somewhere between uncompaniable and concessive in different stages. But definetely so milder than any provincial communities around the world. Though not sure if a movie is right to go about sociological analysis.

  4. mad.lucas's rating of the film Undertow

    A beautiful film despite a bunch of one-sided characters. Not that bad to be terrible but not that good to be much remembered.

  5. riraru's rating of the film Undertow

    Eine überraschende Genre-Wendung mitten im Film und auch eine schöne Drehbuch-Idee, die zeigt, wie schwer uns Vorurteile das Leben machen. Allerdings alles etwas zu rührend bis rührselig.

  6. Dogville59's rating of the film Undertow

    A beautiful film visually and emotionally. It made me think of Brokeback Mountain a bit.

  7. alvaro03's rating of the film Undertow

    Hermosa historia de amor tratada con enorme delicadeza y sensibilidad (no incidiendo en las escenas de sexo tan explicito al que nos tiene acostumbrado cierto cine actual al abordar las relaciones homosexuales). Con toques de realismo mágico tan caro a la literatura hispanoamericana, destaca ademas por unas interpretaciones portentosas especialmente la mujer de Miguel. Un descubrimiento. Nota: 9

  8. Sourigues's rating of the film Undertow

    Wow, I feel very very touched by this movie. Really excellent, very emotive, very clear the story wihout any unncesesary features added. Beautiful photography. Should be better well known among bests queer films, but seeing it such as that would be unfair, cause is full of humanity, concerned with parental ellationships, own integrity in a small village, and love.

  9. ramosbarajas's rating of the film Undertow

    Seeing this film as a modern-day fairy tale is necessary to understanding it. The story becomes so original that it's almost impossible not to like it. The twist comes unexpectedly, and it works very well. The screenplay and direction are perfect, and the performances are some of the best. The characters feel real, and one grows to care for them. It is definitely one of the best queer films from recent years.

  10. viivahate's rating of the film Undertow

  11. Matt Richards's rating of the film Undertow

    Set within a stunning, seaside, fishing village on the coast of Peru. Our protagonist is married, active within the church, has his first child on the way and also happens to be having a passionate affair with a man. The film takes on a quirky twist that in lesser films could be seen as a real stinker. Beautiful colour and photography with a warm story that perhaps goes for about 15 mins too long. 3 stars

  12. marcorenton's rating of the film Undertow

    Saw it for a second time, the colours in this movie are simply amazing!

  13. neilstrauss23's rating of the film Undertow

    I saw this trailer and it was a new wave to the Peruvian cinema. Like the Milk of Sorrow, nominated this year for the Oscar Best Foreign Film 2010. Manuel Cardona impressive!