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  1. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Underworld

    Kate Beckinsale has a great shiny ass and is sexy with blue contact lenses and fangs and it delivers spades of violence, gore and make-up effects. It is entertaining stuff really had it not been that several of the villains are terrible and more goofy than fun and the script lacks any kind of originality or surprises in it.

  2. Evan Schafer's rating of the film Underworld

    To be honest, this first installment in the Underworld series failed to truly impress me. I found the story un-enthrallingly empty and despondent in the sense that any legible one could be dredged up from the Swiss cheese plot. While I do like Kate Beckinsale, I felt her performance was a stale rip-off of Milla Jovovich in the Resident Evil films (which, by the way, are far better and more interesting). Meh.

  3. Scorpio Velvet's rating of the film Underworld

    A fine beginning, good cinematography & stylized horror-action storytelling. Selene is a hell of a ass-kicking vampire hottie.

  4. Ethan's rating of the film Underworld

    This is a pretty badass vampire film and Kate Beckinsale kicks major ass in this film while looking incredibly sexy in tight black leather.

  5. Michael H. CLAES's rating of the film Underworld

  6. anarresti's rating of the film Underworld

    Vampires and werewolves in a war that goes through ages, in matrix aesthetics cinematography. Good balance between doses of fighting and narrative, not succumbing to the formula that makes the last 2 thirds of action movies just a sprint to the end. Good fun. Have no idea where it started, this vampire against werewolf thing, but now it's a classic that even True Blood uses, and this adds to it, with style.

  7. Levent Güçer's rating of the film Underworld

  8. J. O.'s rating of the film Underworld

    If I were the apologetic type, I suspect this would be a guilty pleasure. But I am not. Mindless fantasy films like this are a wonderful way to relax for a spell. Despite the horrid dialogue and questionable supporting cast, there's a beautiful Beckinsale to smoothe it over. Great special effects for the era, some great action scenes, and an exceptionally creepy king vamp played by Nighy. Too long, though.

  9. Makz86's rating of the film Underworld

    I love the Soundtrack, love Kate Beckinsale, love the Vampiresociety and I love the Plot.

  10. Sue Denim's rating of the film Underworld

    I watch the Underworld films like the average teenager masturbates. A bit ashamed of myself, alone, very often and always hoping noone will enter my room.

  11. msmichel's rating of the film Underworld

    The film that debuted the Kate Beckinsale fetish wear line. Actually quite enjoyable mix of vamprie and werewolf stereotypes nowhere near as clever as it thinks it is. Good start to series with fairly good performances from Beckinsale and Sheen but hurt by a miscast Speedman. Certainly has its moments but that catsuit is a special effect onto itself. Meow.

  12. Alcock Hitchfred's rating of the film Underworld

    Way, way too long action movie, with an early 00's neo-gothic aesthetic that now looks horribly tacky, but I really like Kate Beckinsale and retro Nokia phones.

  13. Rattzz Matanzano's rating of the film Underworld

    An acquired taste! Better on repeat viewings, the plot works better than it's performance as an action movie; aside from a couple of partially-crappy action sequences, this movie is just about perfect!

  14. Cromm Crúaich's rating of the film Underworld

    If this film is anything to go by it can only mean Len Wiseman is a complete tool.

  15. Lana's rating of the film Underworld

  16. Pale Scribe's rating of the film Underworld

    You watch it for Kate Beckinsale in tight outfits and on mute. Otherwise, it's a terrible Romeo-Juliette scenario.

  17. Karen O. Lara's rating of the film Underworld

    La primera es la mejor y quiero un traje así.

  18. Kid Sisyphus's rating of the film Underworld

    You seen one Nine Inch Nails video, you seen 'em all.

  19. Garçon Manqué's rating of the film Underworld

  20. Arisa's rating of the film Underworld

    I knew a seven year old who loved to watch all the gore in this movie. Almost every day. :D

  21. VENIMOS LOS JODIMOS Y NOS FUIMOS's rating of the film Underworld

    Esta primera parte de la serie no se destaca precisamente por su originalidad (se reconocen facilmente elementos de cintas como Matrix, Depredador, etc.); no obstante, con el paso del tiempo, y a pesar de su baratura, la franquicia ha ido adquiriendo poco a poco personalidad propia. Ademas, resulta mil veces preferible ver a Kate Beckinsale en su traje de vinyl negro echando bala, que las mamadas de Sthepanie Meyer.