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  1. Photo of John Davies

    John Davies Director

  2. Photo of Mike Bowen

    Mike Bowen Director

  3. Photo of Ronald Wilson

    Ronald Wilson Director

  4. Photo of Derek Martinus

    Derek Martinus Director

  5. Photo of Francis Chapman

    Francis Chapman Director

  6. Photo of Tristan de Vere Cole

    Tristan de Vere Cole Director

  7. Photo of Bill Sellars

    Bill Sellars Director

  8. Photo of Innes Lloyd

    Innes Lloyd Director

  9. Photo of Anthea Browne-Wilkinson

    Anthea Browne-Wilkinson Director

  10. Photo of Alistair Bell

    Alistair Bell Screenplay

  11. Photo of Gerry Davis

    Gerry Davis Screenplay

  12. Photo of Brian Hayles

    Brian Hayles Screenplay

  13. Photo of Dick Sharples

    Dick Sharples Screenplay

  14. Photo of Derrick Sherwin

    Derrick Sherwin Screenplay

  15. Photo of Roy Bottomley

    Roy Bottomley Screenplay

  16. Photo of Tom Brennand

    Tom Brennand Screenplay

  17. Photo of Pat Dunlop

    Pat Dunlop Screenplay

  18. Photo of David Ellis

    David Ellis Screenplay

  19. Photo of John Lucarotti

    John Lucarotti Screenplay

  20. Photo of Richard Milne

    Richard Milne Screenplay

  21. Photo of Geoffrey Lancashire

    Geoffrey Lancashire Screenplay

  22. Photo of Ray Mansell

    Ray Mansell Screenplay

  23. Photo of Nick McCarty

    Nick McCarty Screenplay

  24. Photo of Ken Hill

    Ken Hill Screenplay

  25. Photo of Malcolm Hulke

    Malcolm Hulke Screenplay

  26. Photo of Max Marquis

    Max Marquis Screenplay

  27. Photo of Ben Howard

    Ben Howard Cast

  28. Photo of George Layton

    George Layton Cast

  29. Photo of Mark Kingston

    Mark Kingston Cast

  30. Photo of Harold Goodwin

    Harold Goodwin Cast

  31. Photo of Graham Weston

    Graham Weston Cast

  32. Photo of John Breslin

    John Breslin Cast

  33. Photo of Stephen Yardley

    Stephen Yardley Cast

  34. Photo of Tony Caunter

    Tony Caunter Cast

  35. Photo of Michael Redfern

    Michael Redfern Cast

  36. Photo of Ronald Allen

    Ronald Allen Cast

  37. Photo of Arthur Pentelow

    Arthur Pentelow Cast

  38. Photo of Bryan Marshall

    Bryan Marshall Cast

  39. Photo of Ballard Berkeley

    Ballard Berkeley Cast

  40. Photo of David Lodge

    David Lodge Cast

  41. Photo of Christopher Coll

    Christopher Coll Cast

  42. Photo of Michael Billington

    Michael Billington Cast

  43. Photo of Anthony Cornish

    Anthony Cornish Producer, Screenplay Director

  44. Photo of John McRae

    John McRae Producer

  45. Photo of Bernard Hepton

    Bernard Hepton Producer

  46. Photo of David Conroy

    David Conroy Producer