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  1. Photo of Cy Endfield

    Cy Endfield Director, Cast, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ronan O'Rahilly

    Ronan O'Rahilly Executive Producer, Cast

  3. Photo of Donald Factor

    Donald Factor Producer

  4. Photo of George Lazenby

    George Lazenby Screenplay, Cast, Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Derek Marlowe

    Derek Marlowe Screenplay

  6. Photo of Joe Massot

    Joe Massot Screenplay

  7. Photo of Tony Imi

    Tony Imi Cinematography

  8. Photo of Phillip Goodhand-Tait

    Phillip Goodhand-Tait Music

  9. Photo of Ben Carruthers

    Ben Carruthers Cast

  10. Photo of Robin Hunter

    Robin Hunter Cast

  11. Photo of Rudolph Walker

    Rudolph Walker Cast

  12. Photo of Alan Barnes

    Alan Barnes Cast

  13. Photo of Guy Deghy

    Guy Deghy Cast

  14. Photo of Edward Judd

    Edward Judd Cast

  15. Photo of Germaine Greer

    Germaine Greer Cast

  16. Photo of Michael Taylor

    Michael Taylor Cast

  17. Photo of Martin Wyldeck

    Martin Wyldeck Cast

  18. Photo of Ronald Leigh-Hunt

    Ronald Leigh-Hunt Cast

  19. Photo of Anthony Newlands

    Anthony Newlands Cast

  20. Photo of Maggie Wright

    Maggie Wright Cast

  21. Photo of Charles Finch

    Charles Finch Cast

  22. Photo of Paul Dawkins

    Paul Dawkins Cast