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  1. Domas's rating of the film Universe

  2. lostlevel's rating of the film Universe

    Pretty interesting, I feel like I might have been missing out on this content in UK. Though a little dated I've never seen anything quite like, a weirdly creative, engaging, informative and philosophical film.

  3. EdieEmm's rating of the film Universe

    Majestic and enthralling. Elegant photography; extraordinary sound... Every element working in conjunction to exert an irresistible pull on my imagination and attention so I'm rapt and wide-eyed and wondrous like a kid. Capital F Film that also happens to be a documentary. Documentary that also happens to be magic. Thanks NFB!

  4. zi's rating of the film Universe

    One of the best NFB films I've ever seen, if not the best.

  5. Kamran's rating of the film Universe

    An impressive and informed documentary short with a breathtaking visual style only minorly slighted by its didactic approach. 85/100 - Excellent.

  6. DVC's rating of the film Universe

  7. Carlos de las Heras's rating of the film Universe

    Increible como puedes ver mucho de 2001 en estos planos tan sólidos, editados con una cadencia que parecen formar parte de la máquina del universo, que se expande lentamente e inexorablemente, con esa voz delicada a la vez que cruel y caótica, condición del universo y de HAL

  8. Chichago_'s rating of the film Universe

    The absence of colours makes this short film to be eerie and beautiful at the same time.

  9. Caitlin's rating of the film Universe

    Astounding that this was made in 1960. Also interesting how it emphasized the darkness of the universe rather than the wonder (I'm thinking of Malick's Tree of Life and the beauty of the cosmos). Because this is in black and white and uses a menacing score, there's a sense of the universe's vastness and just how frightening and unfathomable outer space is. What are we? Where did we come from? How can we ever know?

  10. Chloé's rating of the film Universe

  11. A-H-M's rating of the film Universe

    I don't hand out 5s regularly, but this one deserves it. Earth to Mubi, more of this please; facts to the moon, what an elegant little film. Undermentioned by the other pundits, the sounds and script were eerily delightful, as was the mixture of deep space with the lonely night of one professor. Originally I had slated 4 stars, but the closing credits pushed this gem into 5.

  12. andreaboychuk's rating of the film Universe

    National Film Board of Canada in space? Yes please.

  13. Anugat's rating of the film Universe

    Living in 2016, one can only fantasize the times of 1960. This film is beautiful, regardless of its time, and educational-not in the legitimacy of facts compared to today, but the documentation of the time, showing how much(or less) they knew. And from that info., creating such a cinematic experience is a marvelous achievement. No wonder Stanley(Kubrick) wished to make '2001' after this.

  14. movable's rating of the film Universe

    An enjoyable and educational short documentary about the Universe, with beautifully done special effects.

  15. aaa88's rating of the film Universe

    Back to the future! Cool effects.

  16. Marco Bevilacqua's rating of the film Universe

    All of us know 2001 Space Odyssey, this film was its inspiration. What is really interesting is the poetic use of the images and their relationship to our ordinary life. It is not a science fiction movie, but a kind of documentary with a strong personal touch on the part of the directors. This is one of the few films that really are without precedent.

  17. anarresti's rating of the film Universe

    Perfect for a double session with 1977 "Powers of Ten". What that other one has in formal simplicity and sobriety this one has in drama and changes of pace. A feat achieved not only by a gorgeous black and white cinematography but also by a brilliant soundtrack and narration, reminiscent of TV Shows like The Twilight Zone. "To go to this planet* would take an immense courage", we hear. So much, so little has changed.

  18. Marinos Koutsomichalis's rating of the film Universe

    Scientifically speaking, the info on that film is dated and inaccurate for today's standards. Technically speaking, it must have been an important achievement to generate that kind of immersive spacescapes in the 60s. Still, it would have been a very boring film if it weren't for the directors' overall aesthetics: great photography, great use of sound, great work in supporting the, otherwise boring, narrative.

  19. Luca's rating of the film Universe

  20. Giovanni Maroli's rating of the film Universe

    Very good effects, unfortunately it is a little bit dated for the scientific content.

  21. M. Hulot's rating of the film Universe

  22. msmichel's rating of the film Universe

    A fascinating achievement for 1960 that still stands as more than just a dated curio in its efforts. The Kroiton/Low film is truly an artistic triumph in its examination of the galaxy and a highpoint in the NFB archive.

  23. David Andrew LeBlanc's rating of the film Universe

  24. Mark Morgenstern's rating of the film Universe

    This is actually just called "Universe" and is available on the NFB website. And you fail to mention that the narrator is Douglas Rain, hired to do HAL's voice in 2001!

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