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  1. Photo of Joanna Hogg

    Joanna Hogg Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Barbara Stone

    Barbara Stone Producer

  3. Photo of Oliver Curtis

    Oliver Curtis Cinematography

  4. Photo of Kathryn Worth

    Kathryn Worth Cast

  5. Photo of Tom Hiddleston

    Tom Hiddleston Cast

  6. Photo of Harry Kershaw

    Harry Kershaw Cast

  7. Photo of Emma Hiddleston

    Emma Hiddleston Cast

  8. Photo of Henry Lloyd-Hughes

    Henry Lloyd-Hughes Cast

  9. Photo of Mary Roscoe

    Mary Roscoe Cast

  10. Photo of Michael Hadley

    Michael Hadley Cast

  11. Photo of David Rintoul

    David Rintoul Cast

  12. Photo of Leonetta Mazzini

    Leonetta Mazzini Cast

  13. Photo of Benedetto Fiorentini

    Benedetto Fiorentini Cast

  14. Photo of Giovanna Mennell

    Giovanna Mennell Cast

  15. Photo of Nicoleta Stroe

    Nicoleta Stroe Cast

  16. Photo of Jonathan Mennell

    Jonathan Mennell Cast

  17. Photo of Luisa Bartolomei

    Luisa Bartolomei Cast

  18. Photo of Elisabetta Fiorentini

    Elisabetta Fiorentini Cast

  19. Photo of Francesca Capaccioli

    Francesca Capaccioli Cast

  20. Photo of Giuseppe Fiorentini

    Giuseppe Fiorentini Cast

  21. Photo of Francesco Masocco

    Francesco Masocco Cast

  22. Photo of Beatrice Ferné Fiorentini

    Beatrice Ferné Fiorentini Cast

  23. Photo of Andrea Fiorentini

    Andrea Fiorentini Cast

  24. Photo of Nicoletta Stroe

    Nicoletta Stroe Cast

  25. Photo of Helle le Fevre

    Helle le Fevre Editing

  26. Photo of Stéphane Collonge

    Stéphane Collonge Production Design

  27. Photo of Jovan Ajder

    Jovan Ajder Sound

  28. Photo of Peter Crooks

    Peter Crooks Sound

  29. Photo of Chris McDermott

    Chris McDermott Sound

  30. Photo of Oliver McDermott

    Oliver McDermott Sound