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  1. Photo of Bill Corcoran

    Bill Corcoran Director

  2. Photo of James A. Contner

    James A. Contner Director

  3. Photo of Reynaldo Villalobos

    Reynaldo Villalobos Director

  4. Photo of Jorge Montesi

    Jorge Montesi Director

  5. Photo of Corey Allen

    Corey Allen Director

  6. Photo of Jim Johnston

    Jim Johnston Director

  7. Photo of William A. Fraker

    William A. Fraker Director

  8. Photo of Gus Trikonis

    Gus Trikonis Director

  9. Photo of Michael Berlin

    Michael Berlin Screenplay

  10. Photo of David J. Burke

    David J. Burke Screenplay and Executive Producer

  11. Photo of Stephen J. Cannell

    Stephen J. Cannell Screenplay and Producer

  12. Photo of Eric Estrin

    Eric Estrin Screenplay

  13. Photo of Randall Wallace

    Randall Wallace Screenplay

  14. Photo of Gene Miller

    Gene Miller Screenplay

  15. Photo of Joe Menosky

    Joe Menosky Screenplay

  16. Photo of Stephen Kronish

    Stephen Kronish Screenplay

  17. Photo of David Soul

    David Soul Cast

  18. Photo of M. Emmet Walsh

    M. Emmet Walsh Cast

  19. Photo of Kent McCord

    Kent McCord Cast

  20. Photo of Andrea Mann

    Andrea Mann Cast

  21. Photo of Jennifer Hetrick

    Jennifer Hetrick Cast

  22. Photo of Richard Kind

    Richard Kind Cast

  23. Photo of Mike Post

    Mike Post Music

  24. Photo of John Peter Kousakis

    John Peter Kousakis Producer

  25. Photo of Jo Swerling Jr

    Jo Swerling Jr Producer